WTF Search Terms: Whole Lotta WTF edition

It’s the regular feature where I reveal weird search terms that somehow led people here.  These are the WTF Search Terms!

WTF Search Terms XVII:  Whole Lotta WTF edition

First up, I don’t think Louis Vuitton makes these yet:

10. louis vuitton bong

Next: a variation of these search terms show up in my stats every day.  Every. Single. Day. (Sometimes, “whores” is spelled “whorez”.)

9. boobsy animation whores wearing glasses acquire screwed
8. film boobsy animation whores wering glasses acquire screwed hardocore versi panjang
7. boobsy animation whores wearing glasses acquire screwed hardcore 4 full animation

I was hoping I would get hits for this eventually, that’s why I tagged it:

6. hatee hatee hatee ho

I have addressed this question so many damn times that I refuse to do it again:

5. did farrel mitchner really die
4. did farrel mitchner actually die in fubar

Sounds delicious, but I have no idea how this guy ended up here:

3. sweet pickle salad + bonus

Nine hits from this one. Nine. Hits.

2. videos da bada white snack

And finally, I have no comment for our #1 search term:

1. lala blah but nugget

Come back soon for more hilarious WTFs!



        1. BWAHAH! You gotta post the link man, I have to see what a Louis Vuitton bong looks like. I remember the flea market in Cambridge had a Gene Simmons bong. The funny thing is, it was a stall in the flea market that doubled as a smoke shop/piercing shop. Uhhh…


      1. Videos da bada white snack sweet pickle salad hatee hatee hatee ho acquired screwed hardcore versi panjang!

        I mean seriously, Google must have a good laugh at some of the gibberish that gets input into their search bars.


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