GALLERY: Deep Purple – Made In Japan Super Deluxe unboxing

Thanks to Amazon, this arrived today.  Only a week late, but for free shipping I won’t complain too much.  When a parcel comes packaged inside not one but two boxes, you know it’s big.  And this sucker is heavy.  5 discs, with two huge books inside.  I can’t wait to dig in.


        1. Yeah for sure. I don’t have much at all on video from this period of Purple. Count on me to give it a good solid once-over before I post a review.


        2. Dude,
          I’m playing it now for my review. The remix is solid, man. Really amazing. Now I haven’t compared it to the original, nor to the ’93 Live In Japan (which I doubt I’ll ever play again), but it’s an absolutely astonishing mix. I’m 2 tracks in, hearing things I never heard before.


    1. Keep in mind that while this is beautiful, and while this is a new 2013 mix, all of these songs have been released before.

      I’m hoping to do an in-depth listen this weekend for review. We’ll see. This is a LOT of live Purple jams.


  1. Status update: I have finished listening to the first two discs, the two nights in Osaka. Pretty awesome stuff. Review is coming along nicely. Might have to split it up into two parts.


    1. I hoe you have a dehumidifier in the vinyl cellar. Hate to think what would happen without one… ;)

      I have a room I took over, in the house. A 4th bedroom downstairs. It is the library. So nice to have everything in one place… also, a little overwhelming.


      1. It’s a metaphor. Actually on the second floor, but it’s at the end of long door (couldn’t resist the rhyme) HALLWAY and down three steps. So everyone refers to me as “retreating to his cave” but I hate the term “man-cave”


        1. Purple Passages? That one is rare dude! There was a track on there was a B-side for ages…Emmeretta, I believe? Correct me if I’m wrong. I’ve never owned Purple Passages. I saw it at HMV Guelph for $60 on CD once.


  2. It’s a compilation LP (on orig. Puke-Green Warner’s label!) of their first 3; “Shades of D.P.”
    “The Book Of Taliesyn” and “Deep Purple” that weren’t available here individually for a long time. Had a chance to buy “The Book Of..” import once, but balked at $40- regret that now .
    The liner notes say “Emmeretta”(Love Ritchie’s wah-wah on that) is on the third album, “Deep Purple” which I’ve never seen. I know the “Shades Of…” box set has it and describes it as a bonus B-side rarity, so….
    “Chasing Shadows””Kentucky Woman””Hush””Mandrake Root” are all still high on my Purple Playlist.

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