SAUSAGEFEST XIII prep: Starting to pack


Preparation is key!  I began picking up and packing supplies for this weekend:  SAUSAGEFEST XIII, and hopefully the best one yet.

There will be the annual Countdown.  There will be live bands.  There will be meat.  There will be Uncle Meat.

I was disappointed that nobody in town seems to carry Coleman Biowipes anymore.  I had to settle for generic.  Hopefully, they are up for the tasks at hand…

I got the hair cut, and I got a flash drive full of tunes.  Got my cooler, got some Pop Tarts, my camera and a tripod.  4 days to go….



  1. The countdown intrigues me – is this the one everyone was given a list to vote on prior to attending?
    Am I correct in rememberingNautical Disaster did reasonably well in one of the recent fests (love that they’re roman numerals)?


    1. First question: Sort of.
      We’re given a list of exclusions. Songs that have been played in recent years prior. That insures that we won’t have to hear “Run to the Hills” every year, or “Tom Sawyer”. You can vote for anything not on that list, and this year looks to be loaded with surprises. I inadvertently saw some of the list and I’m very shocked at some of the songs.

      Your second question — Nautical was #21 last year. I know that because I recorded the intro for it and I still have it on my PC :)


  2. Woohoo! Excited for you!
    I love how you put your Speed Stick in the shot – I can imagine how important smell can be at Sausagefest, especially with an all-guy group and humidity…never mind the farts…

    The faux biowipes – excellent idea. Wet Ones also do the trick in a pinch.


    1. The Coleman ones were excellent. I don’t mind admitting in public that I get a little anxiety when it comes to “cleanliness” in the woods. The Biowipes are big, thick, and biodegradable as well as moistended. What more could you ask? Anyway I bought the generic version of Wet Ones and it’ll do fine, I’ll survive the woods.

      Speed stick is essential. Saturday morning we all do breakfast at the Flying Spatula. It’s bad enough that they have to feed 30 hungover dudes, the least I can do is NOT stink.


        1. They never seem overly thrilled to see all of us. But hey…a man’s gotta eat!

          In past years we used to drive into Meaford, a couple of us, and grab Tim’s. But that’s pretty far to drive and the Spatula is sort of becoming a tradition now. This will be my third time at the Spatula.


        2. It’s the same place every year — Tom’s farm up near Meaford Ontario. The mountains you see in the photo there — that’s a view from my lawn chair basically.


        3. Ok, Blue Mountains / Collingwood area vicinity (looked on the map…) Beautiful! I like the “Sausagefest” Hollywood sign, btw…


        4. That MAY have been photoshopped :)

          It’s an amazing thing. Some of these folks, I only see once a year. But as soon as we’re there it’s like yesterday. I might post my song list soon. It’s too late to change anybody’s votes anyway, so no harm could be done.

          My #1 this year was “Your Wife is Calling” by Dave Grohl/Sound City Players. The logic was that Uncle Meat and I were both going to vote high on that one, so it would definitely be included. But they shook up the format this year. Uncle Meat and Tom elected NOT to vote, in order to make the countdown more “ours” and less “theirs”. As such I don’t know if “Your Wife Is Calling” will make it now.


    1. Oh yeah. It’s exactly like an ORDER OF BATTLE!

      The only kink in the plans is Uncle Meat who is always notorious late and a lot slower moving than I am! And I’m his ride.


  3. I like the whole idea of Sausagefest. It’s good you guys can get together and have good tunes and good eats and tons of fun. Expecting a full report when you get back, of course.


    1. If all goes well, you’ll see the video report. Planning that is part of the Order of Battle!

      I think I might post my own list next week. See what people think of my choices. I was looking it over last night. I always pick a few oddballs that have no prayer of making it.


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