Part 310: Logos Galore

RECORD STORE TALES Part 310: Logos Galore

This subject came up in discussion a few months ago: Did you used to draw band logos on all of your stuff? Sure you did! If you’re reading this blog, then you’re a music lover, and all true music lovers have scrawled a logo on something at least once.

I found a single page with dozens of my old hand-drawn logos. This goes back to my first days at the Record Store!  Some are good, some are shite, some aren’t even the real logo!   I think the TS “bone” logo looks pretty good, and I’m going to give myself props for using obscure versions of the Kiss and Helix logos.



  1. Oh yes!! Led Zeppelin symbols were EVERYWHERE! I wish I still had my old binders as proof! New Order, the Smiths…Most girls kept their binders pristine – not me. I drew all over mine!

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    1. I threw some Zeppelin on this page as you could see! We probably would have gotten along well in school.

      I had this one lined up for a few months. It was the SCTV Logos Galore commercial that made it “finished”.

      I have another one coming, called “Not Allowed Lending”, but I can’t find the Trailer Park Boys clip that inspired the title! Ricky wants to borrow Bubbles’ go-kart. Bubbles says, “Sorry Ricky, I’m not allowed. Not allowed lending.” Ricky says, “Who’s not allowing you?” Bubbles responds, “Me, I’m not allowing me!”

      But I can’t find it.


        1. Sending you a track now. Wish it was in better shape, but of all my cassettes, it’s deteriorated the worst :( Too bad. They were the Canadian GN’R but with a classically trained guitarist.


  2. These are fun. But you know what really suffered here? Your education! Haha I’ll bet you were doodling KISS logos when the teacher was covering stuff that was gonna for sure be on the exam…

    I shouldn’t mock, I doodled too. Stickpeople. Doing ludicrous things. Yeesh.


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