NEWS: AC/DC’s Malcolm Young IS suffering from dementia

Exclusive World Premiere Of AC/DC "Live At River Plate" Presented By DeLeon Tequila

I didn’t want to post ANYTHING about this subject until confirmed by the band.  Now AC/DC have confirmed that Malcolm Young (61) is suffering from dementia.  Dementia is a horrible illness, without a cure, and all we can really do is pray (if you so choose) and support the Young family.

AC/DC is continuing on with Uncle Mal and Ang’s nephew Stevie Young, who previously filled in for Mal on the 1988 Blow Up Your Video tour.  The new album, Rock or Bust, is out December 1.




  1. For the record, I clicked Like on this post for the service of sharing the news, not for the contents of the news itself.

    Yup, that sucks. I know people (my lovely wife included) who’ve had family members go through it and it’s just a shitty, shitty disease.

    Do you know, Mike, if at 61 his is still considered Early Onset or not? If it is, that mofo version of the disease progresses more rapidly, which is even worse.

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  2. My father in law who is 82 is suffering from dementia so I know what it can be like. Even worse for Malcolm because he is so much younger. I hope he can get the help he needs.


    1. Man, I am really sorry to hear about your father in law. The only consolation here is that at least the Youngs have the resources to ensure he gets the best possible care and is comfortable.


  3. Early onset dementia/Alzheimer’s disease is not good. 61 is awfully young to be suffering from this. My dad is nearly 83, and we finally had to put him in an assisted living home, in an Alzheimer’s unit. Physically, he’s okay, but his mind is far from that. I feel the pain of the Young family, as it’s not easy to deal with someone who has dementia. I’m glad Malcolm is in a safe place, but we, as fans, will certainly miss him.


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