WE’RE BACK: Toronto Record Store Excursion 2014 success!


Aaron and I have returned safely from Toronto, with treasures in hand! He has posted to the KMA a non-spoiler update regarding the trip. We both did very well. As a “Taranna First” I was providing live photographic updates of the trip via social media.

As I did on the previous two trips, I took plenty of photos and video with the intent of creating another great trip video! With that in mind, we don’t want to spoil too much about our adventure, so this is just a brief preview. Of note, Aaron bore gifts, and one of them is a book that I am just as happy to get as I am some of my musical finds. Aaron also helped add to my 6″ Stormtrooper army!

The sad news: Even though I was quite confident that we would find at least one item from somebody’s KMA Holy Grail list, we did not. I was sure that we would at least be able to find one of Sarca’s, such as the Ray Lyell CD. I was surprised that we didn’t. I might have an easier time finding it locally.

Having said that: I encourage you to check out the KMA Grail list and add your own long-sought albums to it.  Though we did not have luck with it this time, we did look hard.  The more people who participate in the Holy Grail list, the better, so as my buddy Aaron would say GIVE’R!

Enjoy the photo gallery, and if you missed the videos from the 2012 and 2013 trips, you can check those out below.

LeBrain (who, I am glad to say, did not fart once in Aaron’s car this time.)

2013: PART 1

2013: PART 2



    1. Leafing through it last night (while watching the Leafs struggle to do anything) was a lot of fun. It’s really detailed, much more so than the Arthur C. Clarke one that I own. Just awesome. And that was just one of the books he gifted, but I need to save surprises for the video.


        1. OK good, then I don’t feel bad about it!

          We checked out one new store this time, and one store that was in two different locations last year, but now amalgamated into one BIG one.


        2. It’s not “new” in the sense that it’s brand new, but it was a store we’d never been to before that moved this year right in the middle of our route. Perfect! And yes I bought merch everywhere, and I was happy with each store!


  1. Oh man, I watched that Leafs game. I texted you about it. Both teams were TERRIBLE. Like, neither team even wanted to win, or like watching a bunch of amateurs. Pretty pathetic. But I stayed up til 1 am watching the Vancouver/Tampa Bay game and that was WAAAAY better hockey! And what was I doing up that late? Watching the game, drinking wine and peeling stickers off CD cases! :)

    Haha man every pic you have of me I either look crazy, or stoned/high. Or both. Ahem. I’m starting to think that’s just my normal look. I need to learn to embrace it, I guess…

    Yup, sorry folks. We TRIED to find things for all of you. No luck. Booooooo! I did find one thing for James that he wanted, but it wasn’t on his list. I texted him about it and it was a go! So that’s cool, at least!

    Yeah, that new to us shop was always on Queen West (we never went that far as to get to them, in our travels the past two years). But now they have a second location on Bloor, too.

    So, in other words, our fave shop put two old shops in one great new location, and one new to our excursions shop went from one location up to two! Got all that? Hahaha! GIVE ‘ER!

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    1. Yeah, what he said!

      We never fail to find awesome stuff at great prices. I look forward to showing all our great finds in video format! We did really well this year in three great stores. We’ll be back.


  2. On one of my favorite Disney Channel shows, ‘Austin and Ally’ the music store is also named Sonic Boom haha. The show ran from 2011-2016. So awesome that Aaron scored Iron Maiden stuff!


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