VIDEO: Steve Earle – “Dominick Street” and “The Galway Girl”

STEVE EARLE – “Dominick Street” and “The Galway Girl”

My old friend Mike Lukas has shot and edited this cool video with his new GoPro camera.  I gotta get me one of these!  He edited the video on his Mac and voila — “The Galway Girl” live on stage with Steve Earle. This is my favourite song from Transcendental Blues.

Mike tells me that John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin is visible at the beginning of the video.  See if you can spot him.



  1. I like this video. I’d love a GoPro too, I’d wear one all day so years from now I could show the kids how much crazy goes on in this house in a day!

    I have that new record and I LOVE IT.

    Is that JPJ at 0:07 seconds? In a cowboy hat?


    1. I don’t know! That guy is carrying a six string, which doesn’t mean it’s not JPJ. But I thought JPJ might be the man in black at the very start, walking away.

      I should mention I absolutely love the facial expressions on Kelly Looney as he plays bass. It’s wonderful to watch him play.


    2. JPJ is in the tent as I pan from our tent and walk to the stage. Then standing by herself in the dress is Gillian Welch. The dude in the hat carrying the guitar is Dave Rawlings. JPJ was there playing mando with Gill and Dave. They were on right before us.


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