VIDEO: Mike and Aaron Go to Toronto…Again!


It’s finally done!  Enjoy this video souvenir from our (Mike and Aaron) 2014 Record Store Excursion in Toronto .


Of the albums I bought in Toronto, one stood out as an immediate killer.  Just an awesome disc, that I’ll be reviewing tomorrow.  See if you can guess which one blew me away.

For the videos from 2012 and 2013, click here!


  1. Yo,that vid was well done boys….love the music Aaron just super chill and excellent work on the vid Mike. You boys scored big time! I’m not a vinyl buyer but that Sloan set looks real cool esp a independent band doing that with a deck of cards tossed in..shit! Aaron total score with Tommy from the Who as well as holy crap are u a Ani stalker? Hahaha….
    Well done boys….
    Also watching it makes me realize how sad it’s here in tbay yeah sure we have used places that sell stuff and some vinyl shops and HMV??? but overall nothin ,so it’s cool seeing rows and rows of discs and vinyl in old record shops….if I win the lottery I’m joining you guys next year !!

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    1. Ha no Deke, I’m not an Ani stalker, though it could look that way. I just really like her records, and she has a ton of them, so it’s pretty easy to find them whenever we go. I am excited about the Tommy, I got the sense from the video there’s likely a better version, but theis has like 20 tracks on it and that’s good enough for me, for now!

      I know what you mean about smaller town CD shopping. It’s abyssmal here. And you have til next fall to save yer pennies, Deke, get on down here and come with us!

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    1. Thanks Scott, I’m glad the music came out OK. It was wee hours and I was in my cups. I was quite ready for it to be shite when I woke in the morning! I even thought, as I lay down, ‘oh no! Mike’s gonna put that shite in the video!’ Haha. But you’ll be pleased to know I just noodled around for 20 minutes or so and then banged out all three ideas in one go each. One Take Aaron strikes again!

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  2. Oh man. I may have had quite a bit of wine when I did the music for this, but there’s some unconscious plagiarism when I was recording it! I totally lifted some Eric Crapton, er, Clapton, on the blues line for the music I did. I swear it wasn’t intentional!!!

    Check out 12:48 of Mike’s awesome video (above).

    Then check out 1:45 of this one:

    I am so sorry, Mr. Clapton. Please don’t sue my insignificant, bug-like ass into the stone age!

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  3. I am curious to know what make and model that boombox was at Kops, and how much it was. Good haul, and thank you for looking for the items on the Grail list.

    P.S. Mike. Will you be doing reviews on those old-school trucker and gospel records?


    1. No idea about that boombox! Aaron thought it looked cool so I snapped a shot. You can always give them a call?

      No promises on reviews for those records, because as you can see from today’s post, I have better stuff to review right now!


  4. Thanks again for the enjoyable Saturday on bbm! It was a blast. And it showed you guys had a ton of fun! Also, thanks again for looking around for me and trying to find some Lyell. Too bad it was all Yukon Cornelius, and no Yukon Gold. But, I’m so happy you have your own copy of Mysteries of the Unexplained! Woohoo!


  5. A great video to watch. It is so obvious that you guys have a great time shopping for special finds. Enjoy all your new stuff.


    1. Hey thanks for stopping by and commenting!

      I haven’t heard the Yellow Submarine Songtrack since it came out. I used to give it a lot of store play. It’ll be fun to rediscover it!


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