#339: Tyler and LeBrain episode two – Monster Truck & More

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#339: Tyler and LeBrain episode two – Monster Truck & More

Missed the last episode of Tyler and LeBrain? Click here for episode one: Nickelback, and get up to speed.

Today’s subect:  Continuing our Nickelback discussion, Tyler and I turn to a controversial comparison: Do Nickelback and Monster Truck sound the same?  Listen to what we have to say, and leave your thoughts in the comments.  Enjoy.

*NOTE: I got the name of the Fu Manchu song and album wrong.  It’s “Saturn III” from The Action Is Go.  



  1. I was going to see Alice in Chains a few months ago, but I passed because I didn’t care much for the opening band: Monster Truck. I can’t weigh in on the Nickelback comparison but I didn’t like ’em much.
    That being said, I do enjoy this series you’re doing here.


    1. Thanks man!

      I also want to be clear — because I know a rebuttal is coming, and I know it’s coming from some pretty big names — I don’t mind if people don’t like Monster Truck. It’s the Nickelback comparisons that chap my ass!


    2. You didn’t go to the show because you didn’t like the opening act? Just do what everyone else does and show up after they’re done! I mean, it was Alice In Chains! How awesome would THAT have been! Sorry Dude, just go hang out at the bar until AiC comes on! ;)


      1. I’ve already seen Alice in Chains twice and Jerry Cantrell solo once. It usually takes two or three bands I like to get me to a show. Or really cheap tickets.


        1. Sure, fair enough. I’m looking at it from the perspective of never having seen them before, so I’d have just gone to the tail-gater for a while until AiC came on!


        2. Personally I never miss an opening act, unless I have no control over the situation. I missed the opening act to two concerts…Black Sabbath & Motorhead (can’t recall who was opening) and Kiss (can’t recall who was opening). We even fucking missed Detroit Rock City. And guess who’s fault it was? Both times? Fuckin’ TOM!


        3. I seem to be hit and miss on opening acts, truthfully. If I’m there, I’ll listen. Doesn’t mean I’ll like it… we’ve seen some real bowsers (wait ’til I write-up my Crowes at the Warehouse show review). Other times, I just miss them… We missed Red Fang completely but saw Dillinger Escape Plan/Mastodon, for example.

          Shame you missed all of those opening acts, especially because someone was f*cking Tom!


        4. HAHAHAH!

          Best opening act I have seen may have been Sandbox, featuring Mike Smith aka Bubbles, opening for BNL. BNL were great but I really liked Sandbox after that.


  2. I haven’t heard any Monster Truck, so I can’t add to your discussion. Did you notice that this went right off the rails and you’re talking about your friends instead of the topic at hand? I suppose it adds to this discussion in that it acknowledges that everyone has different opinions and favourites and influences in music… Anyway, nice belch.

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    1. Yeah, that was me!

      I edited this thing together and couldn’t come up with a title I liked…”Monster Truck & More seemed ok even though it’s more like “More + Monster Truck!”.

      I still have close to an hour of musical discussion to edit into episodes plus we’re planning to record again this weekend.


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