WTF Search Terms: Frankie Banali edition


WTF SEARCH TERMS XXV: Frankie Banali edition

You guys know the drill.  Here are 10(+) weird search terms that led people here.  Let’s give’r.

1.  dio stripper music

In answer to 1, I think Rainbow in the Dark would be a great stripper song.  Do you know the answer to #2?

2.  what does 333 mean to David lee Roth

I asked Craig Fee for more info on this one.  “No clue on 333.  Number of people that actually think Sammy is better?”

3.  is ace frehley japanesr


4. a) trailer park boys officer high cock b) officer high cock c) chickenjacked d) i’m mowing the air randy episode

So many Trailer Park Boys search terms this month, and new ones too, such as “officier high cock” from the new season.  What people expected to find when they google “officer high cock” is another question altogether.


5. why is skid row subhuman race so expensive

Perhaps you are looking at a Japanese import.  They are very expensive.  :)

6. 11994

No idea how this led somebody to me.

7. hotpiss

On the other hand, I do know how this one led to me.

8. superflatuleur

This one too.

9. what time is i-287 going to close

Man, you definitely came to the wrong site.

10. frankie banali is a cocky asshole for firing mark huff

You said it, not me! ;)

Thanks for joining me and come back again for more WTF Search Terms!




  1. I would love to see Google’s WTF search terms. I’ll bet they save up the best ones for the annual Christmas party.

    Hasn’t that 333 thing showed up before in these lists? I remember offering the odea it was half of 666, so really only half evil/of the devil/of rock n roll…

    The Dio stripper music… I’ll bet he’d have loved that one!

    Hotpiss. Oh my.

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