#390: The Open Door Piss Strikes Back


#390: The Open Door Piss Strikes Back

I will never forget the night we invited a bunch of friends over to play Rock Band.  It is unlikely that any of our guests will have difficulty remembering either.  For the night of the Rock Band party was also the night of the return of the Open Door Piss.

It was a mixed crowd, a bunch of people who hadn’t met before.  It was one of the first parties we hosted as a married couple.  Jen invited a couple of her co-workers from RIM, I invited one of mine and his wife, and of course I had to ask the incredible Uncle Meat to attend.  Meat is quite a singer, you see, and my Rock Band crowd was short on singers.  I was the only other attendee who liked to sing.  My songs were “Painkiller” by Judas Priest, “Paranoid” by Sabbath, and generally any rockers I was comfortable with.

Uncle Meat’s speciality was the lead vocal on Rush songs: “Closer to the Heart, and “The Trees”.  That was fun for my buddy Chris, a fellow fan of Trailer Park Boys.  When Meat took on “The Trees”, I excitedly told Chris, “This is the song Ricky’s always complaining about…how trees talk to each other and how different parts of your brain work!”

We got a couple of beers into him, and Uncle Meat nailed “The Trees” note for note.  He did an excellent job, while one of Jen’s co-workers did a pretty good Neil Peart on the drums.  High-fives all around.

After putting 100% into his vocal performance, Meat excused himself.  “I have to piss,” he said.  “Where’s the washroom?”

Down the hall Meat went, just at one of those moments that happen in every party, when things quiet down.  Tired from rocking track after track, we all sat quietly talking in the living room, just when we heard the sound.

It was the old, familiar trickle of an open door piss.  Familiar to me maybe, but not someone like the wife of my co-worker!

“Is that…is he…” she muttered, and everyone stared in the stunned silence of simultaneous realization.

“He’s peeing with the door open?” someone asked, and I nodded to confirm!

Meat re-emerged to the now-silent living room.

“Hey Meat!  Did you have a good piss?” I asked.
“Huh?” he responded, wondering why I’d ask that question.

“We could hear everything!” I laughed, cracking up.  “You forgot to close the door, we heard every drop.”

“Oh!” said Meat sheepishly.  “Yeah.”

Laughter broke the tension, but I will never let Uncle Meat forget!


  1. True story: At my mom’s house, right off the rec room is a powder room with paper thin walls. That bathroom is used predominantly by my step-dad, and I don’t like to use it because everyone can hear your biz, even with the fan on. He is over 6 ft tall, so every time he uses it to take a whiz the pee has far to fall, and it sounds like he took a horse in there with him! Never mind with the number 2s! LMAO!

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    1. Stay tuned for the sequel: Open Door Shit. I’m not kidding.

      At one of our stores, the manager had no choice but to shit with the door open. He wasn’t allowed to close the store to poop, and the toilet had a perfect line of sight to the store entrance. He had to take a shit and keep an eye out for customers.

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  2. I’ve never met this person before but I always assumed ‘Uncle Meat’ was a guy. If this person is singing Rush note for note though I imagine it must be a woman. There are some notes only the feminine form was made to sing. That Geddy Lee is one sexy lady!


  3. Brilliant. Many years ago at a friend’s house party there was a case of ‘open door dump’. Yup. Seriously. The toilet was down the hall and a few of us were heading towards the kitchen to grab some beers when we got the fright of our lives. The drunkard even asked if we could close the door over, if I remember correctly!


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