VIDEO: The Birthday Mug from Caught Me Gaming

Sarca from Caught Me Gaming does much more than just video games (not that those don’t rock)!  She talks coffee, she talks books, movies, and occasionally music too.   I was thrilled to get this birthday gift.  Check the video below.

Aaron got the same gift from Sarca for his birthday!  Check his out over at KeepsMeAlive.

Thank you Sarca for this awesome rock and roll mug!

Click here for Sarca’s original post featuring this mug.



        1. If you’re on the reader, they’ve changed how you can access blogs you see. There’s this ellipsis at the top that you click, and options are “Following, Go to blog, block, and report blog”. This works fine if you use a mouse, but I am reading on my Android tab, using my lady fingers, and I click block…it’s too close to” go to blog.”


        2. I saw they’d changed how to get to the Reader settings and my immediate thought was ‘oh no. They’re changing more and their recent track record hasn’t been good!’ I still avoid the new Editor altogether. If they ever take away the old one I’ll not likely use the new one unless it receives a major overhaul. Which, I suppose, would mean a new site altogether.

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        3. Oh they try to push that editor on me, touting it as an “easier experience” which is B.S.! It does not play nice with my tablet at all. I am still using the old editor.

          I still like WordPress, and it’s better than any other that I have tried (I’ve tried most of them).


        4. Yup so far, WP still wins, but if they keep foisting this “improved” experience That Does Not Work on us, I’ll be an early adopter of something else. Same thing happened to Blogger, and Livejournal before that. It became too much of a pain the ass so we moved on.

          Are you reading this, WP? Leave it alone! It worked fine as it was!

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    1. So two things:

      Sorry it took so long to pick it up! But it was certainly worth it. I did FIVE TAKES OF THIS DAMN VIDEO. I did two last weekend by myself, but they sucked. I did three yesterday with Jen on camera. Turns out, if you are directing your own video, it helps to tell the camera person what you want them to look at. Took me three takes to get that.

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      1. No worries! I had tracking on it, and sent the same time as Aaron’s. He got it, but I didn’t hear from you. So I checked, and it was waiting for pickup in Kitchener. I figured you were away.
        So how many coffees did you have for this video then? Lol


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