#454.5: Tune in tonight for some Star Wars radio!



Tonight at midnight, you can catch me LIVE on Robert Daniels’ radio program VISIONS IN SOUND.   Tune in locally on your FM dial to CKWR 98.5, or even easier, just click “listen live” via their website!  The show runs from midnight to 2 am (ET).  Needless to say I’ll be fueling myself up on coffee.

The subject:  STAR WARS!  The soundtracks specifically.  Last week, Rob covered the music from the prequel trilogy composed by John Williams.  Tonight is the original classic trilogy, also composed by Williams, so you don’t want to miss this.  And if you do, it should be available online for streaming later on.   Rob and I have been excitedly discussing the upcoming film The Force Awakens (only a week away!) and I can’t think of a better way to get ready.

I hope you’re able to tune in and catch some incredible music.  I’ve reviewed all the classic trilogy soundtracks already, and you know you’ll be in for a treat.

Check in tonight!







  1. I will try and stay up after The Force Awakens(cue Aaron)!!!

    If I miss it, I hope you or the station can replay it.

    After the show will you be lining up at the movie theatre?



    1. Rob will be sending me the audio files of the show and I will edit it down to just the talking, and I will be able to post that.

      It was a great show and I think there were a lot of memories there that will hit a lot of people. From our first Star Wars figures (and what happened to them) to the Holiday Special to the Force Awakens…but we didn’t even cover 1/4 of what we could have. We talked more offline and that was just as good as the stuff that was on the air. We will probably do this one more time.

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  2. I listened to most of it before bed. You sounded really pumped. Maybe you had some of that sweet ‘fee in you, or just talking Star Wars is like a jolt.of caffeine.
    I’m glad you had fun.
    I thought the movie release was next Friday, but it seems theatres are showing it Thursday. Will you be posting a review?

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    1. I had a big thermos FULL of ‘Fee. Bob Marley brand actually. Plus a 2 hour power nap before. I’m so glad you listened Brian!

      The official release date is Dec 18, but there are premiers late on the 17th…I don’t even know what a release “date” means anymore LOL.

      I hope to post a review, but…how? Seriously, how do I review a movie that I have been discussing with my friends since 1983, even at times when it appeared that it would never come to be? That is how long I have been plotting and planning this movie in my brain, since 1983. How do I review that? I don’t have a friggin’ clue.

      One thing we talked about probably after you went to bed — when we were kids, we didn’t care what happened “before”, in the prequels. They were about characters that were dead and gone before Luke was even born. We did not care. We really did not care. What we wanted to see was what happened next. We wanted to Luke become a powerful Jedi MASTER.

      So this movie is WAY more anticipated by fans than the prequels ever were, and that is why.

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      1. I am not a super fan. I have been planning to see this movie for months, not half my life. ;)
        For me, I think one time will suffice.
        For guys like you though, I think you should see it a few times. The first, just go in, no expectations, no agenda, just let your (Le)brain turn off and enjoy the film. Then see it again if you want to maybe catch what you missed the first time, and do what hardcore Star Wars fans do.
        As for the release date, I don’t get it either. I really don’t get the guys that are already waiting in line in the internet age either.

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        1. More than half my life…more like 3/4 of it!

          That’s what I hope to do Brian. With Phantom Menace we got lucky. We went to a noon matinee. NOBODY WAS THERE! Then after the movie, we bought more tickets and went right back in because there was still NOBODY THERE!

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        2. Hopefully this happens again.
          You do not want to wait 3/4 of your life to listen to some idiot behind you blathering on, another idiot with his lit up cel phone texting, and a room full of people coughing, slurping and munching.
          I’ll take an empty theater any day.

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        3. I believe it was his very first recording. His cousin Tony Bongiovi gave him a start. They’re estranged now and I don’t know why.

          We also discussed Starship on the show. I’m glad I was able to bring the rock slant to his show!

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        4. Shoot I can’t be arsed to find out what Starship song was in the Star Wars holiday special.

          Also I’m not sure if it was Starship or Jefferson Starship. I said Starship on the show because then if I’m wrong I can just say, “Yeah I was just shortening the name talking fast.” LOL

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        5. I loved Jefferson Airplane, liked Jefferson Starship, but hated Starship. Talk about an aircraft in a vertical nosedive.
          I think though that Starship was a product of the time. The synthesizers and keyboard sounds from the early to mid 80’s ruined songs for me. I like the Rush and Dio songs of that era featuring keyboards, but wonder if they would have been better without them. It really took a cool, heavier band and an awesome player to force me to like those keyboard songs.

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        6. Oooohhh…Bop Bop Bop…there’s a subject we could talk about.

          Craig was playing Tom Sawyer yesterday afternoon and I just realized, man that synth solo at the end really sounds dated. The synth in the song overall is fine, it’s that outro solo that just struck me as really 1980.

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        7. I may be the only Dio fan that hates the keyboards in Rainbow in the Dark. I can understand why Dio wanted to scrap it. I don’t hate the song, but think ot would be better without the keyboards. It doesn’t seem fitting for a metal song to me. I agree about also making it feel datednas well. It’s funny how we pick up on elements of a song we have heard a million times 30 years later.

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