Gallery: Sausagefest 2016 parties on


    1. Dude the list was incredible. It was 81 songs this year. It was…a bizarre but mind blowing mix of metal bands, and soul/funk. Not a lot of other genres. Interesting but that’s how the votes fell!


    1. Jay it is such a great time. The rock gods brought some rain Friday but it was just to test our dedication. It was glorious. 81 incredible songs. Lots of stars who fell in 2016. Bowie, Lemmy, Paul MacLeod, Nick Menza. There was a lot of powerful words and music last night.


  1. Dude, you guys look like your having a blast doing this thing. Still, at some point you have to explain to me closely exactly what it is you’re doing at this sausagefest thang. What the whole thing is about. I suspect it has something to do with food, beer and music, though… ;)

    I also have to apologize that I haven’t been visiting your site for a while. I’ve been buried in must-do reviews lately and Sweden Rock Festival sure helped putting lots of them on hold. And now my vacation’s coming up as well. It’s a tough life…. ;-)

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  2. Well dude I can tell you that if you enjoy food, beer and music you would love it!

    Simply put, the event is held on a farm, with an incredible back yard including a nice cold river for swimming in. They rent a PA system and every year, all of us make a list of songs we want to hear. This list is compiled through all the votes into an annual countdown. This was the 15th annual! I will be posting the full countdown on Saturday. There was some incredible music! You would have enjoyed Van Halen (“Mean Streets”), Sabbath (four songs I think), and of course Disturbed!

    If you lived here I’d say it would be a MUST for you to attend.


    1. Wow man, that sounds awesome, really my kind of thing to attend. I really love it when people go all in on making such cool events. And who doesn’t love beer, food and music…? ;-)

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