Sunday Chuckle: Too Many Mikes

Hi!  I’m Mike!

Some people call me LeBrain.  Some of my friends in the radio community call me LaLoofah.  It doesn’t matter, I’ll answer to those, but I’m a Mike.  Always have been, since I was born actually.

As readers generally know by now, my radio friend Craig over at 107.5 DaveRocks has nicknames for most of his listeners.  He also likes to claim that he has “only 3.5 regular listeners” according to the last surveys.  I’m one, and there’s another one named “Ass Kisser Mike”.  Sometimes people mix the two of us up.  I’ve met Ass Kisser Mike.  He’s a really nice guy.  We actually met recently at a protest.  (You can read all about that here.)  At the time, I jokingly said that we should take a picture together to prove we’re not the same person.  However there was a lot going on and we never took the picture.

Fast forward to the April 12 2017 instalment of the Craig Fee Show.  Another Mike called in, a new Mike.  Craig feigned disbelief, he couldn’t have three callers named Mike out of 3.5 listeners, could he?  This led Craig to start the rumour that I and Ass Kisser Mike are the same person.  Fake news!  He also speculated that Ass Kisser Mike’s righteous beard may be fake.  And of course, I could not produce a photo of the two of us together.

I assure you, my faithful readers.  LeBrain and Ass Kisser Mike are two different people.  One day I’ll get a photo to prove it!

Not an actual photo of LeBrain and Ass Kisser Mike



  1. Hey I’m a Mike too but let me say for the record I’m not the Ass kisser Mike. In school, there was always another Mike in my class and two others in 8th grade! There are a lot of us Mikes out there and we can take over the world.

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        1. That remonds me of reading about Dick Wagner’s solo album and how the label figured it would be better to be called Richard Wagner.

          Who knew there was a classical musician by that name and rock fans would completely ignore it.


    1. Exactly! And with a name like “Ass Kisser Mike”, you might expect him to suck. But it’s the opposite. Some people think being a nice person is being an “ass kisser”, and Ass Kisser Mike is a nice person (die hard Leafs and Star Wars fan)!

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  2. I read this earlier in The Onion.

    P.S. I am shocked after all of the media attention only 12 people showed at the protest.
    It seems on Facebook everyone wants to lend support, but actually showing up and doing it is a different story.

    As long as you and Belinda are not the same person, I’m good with whoever you want to impersonate.



    1. Hahah no? I have no idea what he looks like. That’s film director Michael Moore on the bottom left.

      Clockwise from top left:
      Michael Bolton
      Michael Douglas
      Mike Myers
      Michael Buble
      Michael Jackson
      Michael Moore

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