Sunday Chuckle: Mystery Texts

Ever get text messages from numbers you can’t identify, but you know you know?  Me too!  Just a couple weeks ago I got “mystery texts” from someone bitching about country radio stations.  It was easy to sort out that it came from Tyler, of Tyler and LeBrain fame.  Bitching about country music is kind of his thing.  But the text message below, I have no idea at all…


  1. I had mystery texts a couple weeks ago that were a mystery themselves. It was a series of photos that seemed to imply some slight or minor crime…or maybe worse? Matt and I spent a whole shift stringing together clues and trying to crack it. It was weird but it passed the time!

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  2. Haha! This is wonderful. Have you discovered who it was?

    I once received a number of mystery calls. The person didn’t say a word – just silence. After it happened twice I answered (didn’t say anything) and left to phone on the table. They were obviously persistent, as they stayed on the line a while. Then they called back… repeat.

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