#660: It Was Six Years Ago Today…

GETTING MORE TALE #660: It Was Six Years Ago Today…

…that Mikeladano.com launched!  Some of you have been here since the beginning. (Hi Aaron! Hi Craig! Hi mom! Hi old boss from the store!)

It all began on March 9 2012, with Record Store Tales Part 1: The Beginning – “Run to the Hills”. Record Store Tales grew to 320 chapters, continued today in Getting More Tale. And here we are at #660!

Thank you for reading these past six years. If you’re new and you like what you see, why not go back and check out the whole story from the beginning? It’s an epic tale of slinging the rock in Kitchener Ontario, from the front lines of a Record Store. 12 years in the trenches resulted in an older, wiser man with stories of legendary music, infamous parties, trials, Tribble-lations, retribution and vindication. It is the rise, fall, and resurrection of yours truly. And who am I? Just a guy with some great stories.

These are the Record Store Tales. Thank you for reading!



Parts 1 – 50
Parts 51 – 100
Parts 101 – 150
Parts 151 – 200
Parts 201 – 250
Parts 251 – 300
Parts 301 – 320


  1. Heya Mike nice one.

    While I only stumbled across yer site a few years ago feels like have been reading since day 1 :)

    Keep ’em coming Mike \m/

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  2. Congratulations on your sixth anniversary. You have some great stories and your memory for detail is unbelievable.
    Keep it going for another six…….and another six……and another six!

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  3. Congrats Man..
    Real glad I stumbled across your site that led me to Aaron-James/Scott/Joe/ James/Geoff/Zings/Sarca/RichJohn/Destroyer and so many more blogs out there!

    Mr Books has always said community and he’s on the money…I would rather read all these reviews by fans of music than some writer schmuck who gets his shit for free!

    All the best man keep em coming….

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  4. According to the traditional anniversary gift list, apparently the six year wedding anniversary is the ‘iron’ anniversary.
    If the same traditions hold for ‘blogiversaries’ – perhaps one ought to celebrate the 6th anniversary with some Maiden!
    Congrats on the milestone Mike


  5. Hi Mike! Wow, six years! That’s awesome, congratulations for sure. You’ve been bringing the knowledge and the rawk on this must-read site and we’re all grateful. I hope the RSTs have brought catharsis and distance and here’s to another 6 years… and another 6… and another 6.. and…

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      1. Man, whenever I hear 666 I get Bruce Dickinson in my head… not a bad thing!

        It sure has been a big 6 years, lots going on, and TONS of the rawk. I remember the conversations at the beginning. You’ve really made this an awesome site, good on ya brother!


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