RECORD STORE TALES: Table of Contents Parts 201-250

Part 201: Warren
Part 202: Smoking Makes You Impotent
Part 203: Bitchin’ About Staff Meetings
Part 204: An Introduction to sHEAVY
Part 205: Dad Rock
Part 206: Rock Video Night!
Part 207: Make ‘Em Say UHHH
Part 208: Flashback 1995
Part 209: The Phantom Menace
Part 210: LeBrain on the Radio

Part 211: The House of Lords Debacle
Part 212: Top 3 Crushes
Part 213: A Dandy Douche In Need is a Dandy Douche Indeed
Part 214: The Rules 2
Part 214.5: Klassik Kwote – The New Pornographers
Part 215: Mono
Part 216: The Most Expensive Thing I Ever Destroyed
Part 217: My Fuckin’ Neck!!
Part 218: Liquor and Whores
Part 219: Parental Advisory – Explicit Lyrics
Part 220: Blackout!

Part 221: Frustration Blues
Part 222: Mr. Self Destruct
Part 223: The Bird
Part 224: Rockin’ Is Ma Business
Part 225: Bait & Switch
Part 226: Alarm!
Part 227: Purp Ate My Balls
Part 228: The Phone
Part 229: Silent Knight
Part 230: Nicknames

Part 231: Top 5…of all time?
Part 232: Amanda
Part 233: Dr Stompin’ Tom Road
Part 234: Wild in the Streets
Part 235: Steve Perry
Part 236: Thanksgiving 2005 (featuring special guest Mrs. LeBrain)
Part 237: Sven Gali – Inwire REVIEW
Part 238: Lightning Strikes
Part 239: Music for Your Mental Health
Part 240: Lemon Kurri Klopek – Living the Dream! (On the road with Steve Earle)

Part 241: Halloween, KISS style!
Part 242: The Ego Has Landed
Part 243: Return to Niagara Falls
Part 244: Diary of a Mad Record Store Man
Part 245: Metal in my Ears
Part 246: Dancing Steve
Part 247: Her Royal Majesty
Part 248: Hagar Bashing
Part 249: The Shirts
Part 0:  A Few Words For Days Gone By… (in lieu of Part 250)



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