Sunday Chuckle: Husband of the Year Award!


There’s always a story behind these things.  A few weeks ago, they had to do some work on the pipes in our condo.  The water in the whole building was shut off at 9 am.  I forgot to tell Jen about it.

I was reminded when I spoke to her on the phone, and she mentioned the toilet wouldn’t flush and the bathroom was stinky.

And that’s why, at work, I was awarded the Husband of the Year Award with a picture of a toilet on it.



  1. Tbone years ago had a 8 track of an Goddo album..
    Right before one of the songs started an interviewer asks someone “What do they think of the New Goddo album?
    You hear the sound of a toilet flushing…hahaha…man we listened to that over n over hahaha
    don’t know why but that made me think of this….

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  2. My youngest son (Big Earl) turned me onto that flick. He said “CB, I found a film right up your alley”. The bugger was rigt. I have an old soundtrack album called ‘Music From the Body’ by Roger Waters and Ron Geesin. There’s a cut on there that fits the bill on your post. I got hours of enjoyment from that one. I just found it. Attached below.

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    1. First point: I love that your son is named Big Earl.

      Second: Does he call you CB?

      As for that clip…I’m listening now and chuckling…think I can use these sound clips in things quite easily!

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        1. Now you have me chuckling. Cut it out. I’m looking forward to your creative use for “Sausage Fest”
          Earl has the biggest noggin in these here parts. That’s where the “Big” comes in.


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