Sunday Chuckle: Dem Shoes!

I took a little bit of online flak for this picture, but I think it’s funny.  This was a McDonalds in Cambridge Ontario.  The combination of the track pants, the lazy half-assed wearing of the shoes, and the golden arches struck my funnybone.

It’s OK if you don’t think this is funny.  I’m cool with that.  But don’t be a dick about it.  I wouldn’t take a picture of a homeless person, or a disabled person, but lazy people seem like fair game to me.

I mean, just look at dem shoes.



  1. Ever since the age of 12 I have slipped into my shoes that are already laced. They just have to be tied on the loose side and leave a lace hole at the top empty. She’s just not doing it right. The backs are always up with my shoes. If you’re going to be lazy, get it right.

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