VHS Archives #2: Hear N’ Aid Special – Pepsi Power Hour (1986)

The one VHS tape I’m working on currently spans a period of recordings from about July 1986 to September 1987. This Hear N’ Aid special features a MuchMusic interview conducted by J.D. (John) Roberts. There’s lots of exclusive information in this valuable video, including a tidbit on bands who refused to be in the same project as Spinal Tap!


  1. That was cool to watch again after what 30 blues years!
    I always thought Schon’s solo was the best…that’s who he is as a player and than in Journey he turns it down..
    Great stuff man…
    Amazing how Dio and Campbell’s relationship went sour after putting this all together…

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      1. Wonder why they cut out the Maiden guys of all people? Great listening ear to pick this stuff out Mikey…
        I bought this on Cassette Tape upon release so I have not heard it in decades…but Ladano HQ’s comes through…


    1. I’m planning on posting another on Friday. Unfortunately, I’ve gone through the tape and it doesn’t have a lot of interviews on it. It does have some amusing “bumpers” and music videos.

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    1. Back when I first saw this, I didn’t know Spinal Tap were a joke band. I thought they were real. I didn’t understand why they’d be a “laughing stock”, I assumed they were just a really heavy shitty band,


      1. That’s a tough one. Hear n Aid was almost totally Ronnie James Dio’s baby but it would be great tribute to him if they were to re record it. They could use singers from back then who didn’t sing on it the first time around, like Dee Snider and they could use some younger ones as well.


  2. I have this ep. I was a huge Dio fan so this was a must get. Loved the song. Times were different then. These days the whole system is leaking so bad that can’t really see only a one cause that so many people would get behind. Unemployment maybe? Lack of funds everywhere? Stopping the greed?

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    1. It certainly was a must get. But never released on CD in this country. On this continent. I had an LP for many years, but got the CD on Japanese import too.

      This is more than just the EP though, MuchMusic edited in their own original footage as well.


    1. Yeah and I’ve always wondered who he’s referring to. My instincts told me that Van Halen were conspicuous by their absence on this album.

      Rush, Motorhead, Kiss, and more contributed exclusive live music to the album.


    1. I **think** most of what I am posting is all brand new to the internet. I know that, when I last checked (whenever that was), this exact Much special was not on youtube. Same with tomorrow’s Rik Emmett, which you will not want to miss.


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