Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – D23 special look

What is this?  A surprise twist?  A mere tease?  Or is it…destiny?

Let me know what you think of Rey’s “new look”.


  1. I have some theories:
    Rey is the daughter of…….SHMI.
    Note the resemblance between them. This could also explain her force-abilities with no training. When Shmi told Obi-Wan’s mentor: “there was no Father”, who’s to say that Shmi didn’t have another “fatherless moment” after Anakin left her? If it could happen once, why not twice? Again, the family resemblance.

    But there’s more: In the trailer you have, above. Listen to it again. When it says “we’ve passed down all we know. The 1000 generations live in you now”. That sounds like LUKE, talking. BUT—-(listen to it again) near the end of the Trailer when we hear something like:
    “your Journey is almost complete” (?), just before we see Rey have a double-sided light saber, THAT voice sounded like Palpatine’s, not Luke’s. I havent seen or read of anyone else mentioning this, so far. But there is still more: speaking of Rey being a Clone…..suppose that “the Good Rey” does NOT turn to the Dark Side at all but that the REy that we see with the double-sided lightsaber IS a Clone of Rey (the good one). Two Reys? 1 good, one evil? Could it be? Who would have done it? And if someone cloned an evil Rey, why would that same person create a good Rey, or a Rey that wasn’t already evil from the very beginning? Hmmmm…

    Here’s something else: SNOKE.
    Snoke himself said that he had: “seen the rise of the Republic”.
    But wouldnt that make him older than Palpatine?
    And if so, why don’t we ever hear Palpatine mention Snoke, to Anakin? Why doesn’t Obi-wan ever mention of wan of Snoke? Why doesn’t Yoda, if Snoke was already around? Unless—–

    Remember Snoke’s appearance. Very battered-looking, skinny/boney, and as if he had been badly burned. Now, flash-back to when Darth Vader threw Palpatine “down the chute” and there was an explosion. Another theory I have is: What if Snoke was really the buirned & battered Palpatine? This explains:
    1. His appearance
    2. His fear of Luke
    3. Why Yoda and Obi-wan never mentioned him. There are two more things:

    A) WHO??—is Maz Kanata? She keeps “flying under the Radar”.
    B) “The Rise of Skywalker”. “Everybody” assumes it has to either about Rey, or Kylo Ren. But suppose thats another “grand fake-out”? Suppose its about a NEW Skywalker. Like who? Like, wellllll….what about that small boy at the end of The Last Jedi who was using the Force to do sweeping with a broom? Did anyone see it coming? But I only guessing. Still, its much fun to think about all this.

    Bonus thought: Will we find out anything-more about “The Unknown Regions”? Who are “the Chiss”? and will we discover more about them? Are they good or evil?
    My biggest hope for this next movie is very simply that the audience DOES get very clear, specific, and definite ANSWERS!! No more of the “leaving us hanging with no answers” That is exactly why The Last Jedi was such a colossal disappointment.

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    1. Holy cow! Thanks for this epic post! I can’t even begin to digest all that you have said here. All, really excellent theories.

      I don’t know if you have been keeping up with Making Star Wars, but their latest leaks say that Rey’s parents may have been Jedi killed by a Sith, and they hid her to save her from them.

      Here’s what I’m afraid of most. You touched on all these threads that haven’t really been explained or concluded yet. Like Maz, and Snoke’s origins for example. I worry that JJ won’t address them all. I worry that he will leave them hanging. He’s been known to do that sometimes, and I think that maybe he would like to leave too much mystery…or isn’t certain about the answers himself.

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