Superstream! LeBrain and Superdekes talk Top Live Albums of all time!

Thank you Superdekes!  This had to be one of the best live streams of all time!

You can thank Harrison the Mad Metal Man for the idea.  A “Nigel Tufnel Top Ten” list for the best live albums of all time.  With little notice, Superdekes and I whipped up some lists.  We also recruited John Snow (2 Loud 2 Old Music), Holen MaGroin, and Uncle Meat to contribute lists.  While the lists varied in some respects, many albums made repeat appearances, sometimes in the same position on two lists!

We ran into some audio issues at the start but those five minutes have been edited out of the stream for your convenience!

Thanks again Superdekes, you were an amazing co-host and we have to do something like this again.




  1. I also prefer the 14 track edition of Live At Leeds. The Deluxe version is too long though. 14-track version is the perfect mix of brevity without feeling cheated.


    1. That’s what I used to call my ex-wife. A ton of fun.

      Because her weight was equivalent to a metric ton. Whenever she was on top it felt like autoerotic asphyxiation, cause I sure as shit couldn’t breathe through all those fat rolls.


  2. here’s my list:
    iced earth: alive in athens
    queensryche: operation livecrime
    mötorhead: no sleep til hammersmith
    alice in chains: unplugged
    kiss: unplugged
    nirvana: unplugged
    rainbow: finyl vinyl
    whitesnake: live in the heart of the city
    iron maiden: live after death
    black sabbath: live evil

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  3. I’ve seen AC/DC live a few times, even back when Angus was still dropping his pants…and those cannon shots..for those about to rock…we salute you…


  4. count me in on that buying an album new and seeing it next week in the used section. Related to that one is when u decide that you are not going to buy it anew and then years down the line u finally find it and often times it wasn’t worth the wait.


  5. Finally, finally, finally! I was able to finish this off today! Loved it! More of the Deke & Mike show, please! Or maybe you guys should go full Morning Zoo and title the show: 90 Minutes with Super and The Brain!


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