#841: Happy Canada Day! 11 Tunes

Happy Canada Day from LeBrain HQ to you.  I know this is rough one, a weird one, and a difficult one.  I’m going to ignore the current goings-on and everything else that has to do with Canada Day, and present to you Eleven Canadian Songs You Need to Hear Right Now.  Enjoy!

1. Helix – “Billy Oxygen”

2. Arkells – “Leather Jacket”

3. July Talk – “Picturing Love”

4. The Guess Who – “Albert Flasher”

5. Blue Rodeo – “Side of the Road”

6. Harem Scarem – “Slowly Slipping Away”

7. Rush – “Vital Signs”

8. Gordon Lightfoot – “Canadian Railroad Trilogy” (re-recorded version)

9. Monster Truck – “Don’t Tell Me How to Live”

10. Kim Mitchell – “Rumour Has It”

11. Thor – “Keep the Dogs Away”


        1. You didn’t like Max Webster :( Ah bummer. Yeah definitely there is a citizenship hearing coming up. At minimum. I’d lawyer up now it could get ugly.

          In rock news Kim just signed a new record deal and has a new solo album coming.

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        2. I will do my best to ensure that Uncle Meat doesn’t read it! You won’t want his comments! LOL

          Well sure I can get that the vocals are sometimes an acquired taste.

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  1. That Kim track is a great pick. That solo in it is beyond amazing. Look forward to reading the Snow job John’s going to give to Max. Can’t win em all. lol

    Cool bunch pics and as Peart wrote….deviate from the norm….which you did Mikey
    Great job.
    Have a great day off..

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    1. Thanks Deke, Rumour Had It was the very first song that jumped into my head when you said “Kim” and much of this list is first thoughts. Songs I wanted to hear at that moment.

      Snow Job, oh boy, it’s gonna be a Snow Job for sure!

      Evelate from the norm today Deke!

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