The Biggest Panel Yet, and the Wildest Lists Ever: One Hit Wonders on the LeBrain Train

Everybody wants to come on board this week!


The LeBrain Train:  2000 Words or More with Mike Ladano

Episode 39


It’s One Hit Wonders this week!  We’re keeping the definitions loosey-goosey, but still diving into those songs that never had a followup hit.  This week’s topic was brought to you by Max the Axe, although I believe Holen suggested it some months ago as well.  Either way, there has been demand for a show about One Hit Wonders.  So here ya go!

One reason you don’t want to miss this one:  A record NINE participants will be appearing!

  1. LeBrain (me)
  2. Max the Axe (THE Max the Axe!)
  3. Sarca Sim (Sarah)
  4. Burned On Mars (Kevin – acting as tech support)
  5. Mr. Books (Aaron)
  6. Rob Daniels (Visions In Sound)
  7. 2loud2oldmusic (John)

With special appearances by:

  1. Superdekes (Thunder Bay Arena Rock)
  2. Uncle Meat (Eric)

As usual there will be a special unboxing for the early birds who show up before 7:00 pm.  Otherwise, check out the One Hit Wonders All-Star Special on the LeBrain Train, Friday November 27.

7:00 PM E.S.T.
Facebook:  MikeLeBrain  YouTube:  Mike LeBrain


        1. LOVED THE LIVESTREAM!!! There were a few echoes, but you guys worked it out in the end. Loved seeing Sarah, Uncle Meat, and John again (feels good seeing someone from the States on there haha). I was impressed I knew some of Aaron’s picks and when Deke brought up Iron Maiden, in technically he’s correct, but wow it just shows how amazing Iron Maiden is, they didn’t need mainstream radio! It was so weird not seeing Kevin talk much throughout the show, I know he was only for tech support, but still! Anyways, you’ve done it again! Take care Mike!


        1. Yeah I guess it has been like that. But trust me tonight’s unboxing is MEGA. The product inside has tripled in value since I pre-ordered. I paid just over $150 on pre-order. Do the math! It’s not available anywhere anymore except at Late Tax prices. You are gonna dig it. Feels heavy.


        2. Well I won’t spoil this for you, but I will say I’d be willing to do without food for a week for this baby. Especially now that these things are so hard to get if you don’t place a pre-order.

          Pro tip: Pre-order any box set you “NEED” to have. Otherwise you may be sorry.


  1. I don’t recall ever making the one hit wonder suggestion. I possibly did, but as it stands you can give Max the Axe all the glory of having come up with the idea.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I came up with the desert island discs list idea. One hit wonder is a possibility, but my brain cells are making the connection if it was.


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