New Year’s Eve Drop-In Party Extravangza

I haven’t stayed up til midnight on a New Year’s Eve in a dog’s age, but I did it tonight…for you!

Tonight’s drop-in special ran over three hours and we still failed to squeeze in Aaron from the KMA.  Huge apologies to my buddy Aaron.  Hopefully I’ll make it up to you next week for the ZZ Top show.

Special guests tonight were invited to drop in and read their Nigel Tufnel Top Ten lists, and each guest chose their own theme for their lists!  Guests included:

  • Dr. Kathryn Ladano – 0:17:45
  • DekeSpecial KISS report0:40:50
  • Scotty P – 0:45:30
  • Uncle Meat – 1:21:00
  • Mike’s Mom – 2:16:25
  • Michael, Max the Axe’s Stunt Double – 2:34:40

Once again sincere apologies to Aaron for not getting to him in time.

I also played some music tonight, five songs that make my skin vibrate (and don’t set off copyright strikes).  Enjoy the show




  1. Great show Mike! I enjoyed seeing seeing your sister, Meat, and your mom on the livestream! It was also fun chatting through the comment section as usual. Cheers to new memories and hopefully a much better 2021!

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    1. Hoping for a better year Lana! Glad to have you on board for 2021. More good shows planned. And of course the writing will be the main thing and I’m kicking off next week with a four-part Loudness box set review!

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      1. Thanks so much Mike! I can’t wait to see where your blog and livestreams will take you in the new year! That’s cool you’ll be taking on the Loudness box set you got (the one that was delayed due to covid lol)!


    1. I had no such strong feeling man. Not when I was feeling food-coma tired at 8pm. I am glad/proud to have made it! And I slept OK too despite the extra caffeine this time.

      Well no more of those for a year. Back to our regularly scheduled program with the ZZ Top Deep Cuts up next!

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        1. That lady that wanted you to go to New York with her in Mr. Holland’s Opus might want to see the hairy white whiskers down below.

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      1. I was impressed with the two that Meat rhymed off…I was wondering just how many he had prepared!

        Yes it was a “bit” and we planned it but I really don’t know how many he had ready to read before I cut him off. LOL


  2. Just watching some of this now. Once again way to put yourself out there for over 3 hours. Your like a VJ at MuchMusic circa 1988!
    Now about the KISS clip..
    -I do not have a Tik Tok account. My daughter Lex does. You can do videos in 16 seconds or one minute. I went 16 seconds. lol. Hit an Run as I call it!
    -Those KISS dolls were given to me about 13 years ago and I occasionally break them out of storage for a good cause.
    -If you look closely when the Kiss line of ‘Light staring at my eyes” I shone a flashlight on Stanleys face
    -My daughter Lex did all the camera work as I have no idea how to do any of it. lol

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    1. I didn’t notice the flashlight but I see it now. Well done! I was surprised…you made a pretty damn good video in short order! Help or not! That was awesome and definitely a highlight of last night!

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        1. It was brilliant dude. Far from what I expected when you said you were working on something. I thought action figures were my gimmick! LOL

          Too bad the real Kiss keep playing the same songs even for a special live stream. I think your Kiss show was the better one, especially since people got to watch it for free last night!

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        2. Ha thanks pal.
          I have to shake it up as I don’t want people thinking ‘Ok here comes another Paper Plate skit” hahaha
          Gotta keep em on there toes Mikey!
          KISS is in the comfort zone in regards to the setlist. I actually like the soundcheck stuff that was filmed better actually. I like watching the demon rock out in his ball cap and hoodie lol


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