Take the LeBrain Train Time Machine back to 1981!

Won’t you take me back to school?
I need to learn the golden rule.
Won’t you lay it on the line?
I need to hear it just one more time.  — Justin Hayward

Truly awesome show tonight as we took our musical time machine back to 1981.  Thanks to the awesome panel:  Harrison the Australia Guy, Eric “Uncle Meat” Litwiller, and Dr. Dave Haslam.  Together we went deep on the following 12 albums from the year 1981 A.D.:

  • Oingo Boingo – Only a Lad
  • AC/DC – For Those About to Rock
  • The Who – Face Dances
  • Thin Lizzy – Renegade
  • Iron Maiden – Killers
  • Blue Oyster Cult – Fire of Unknown Origin
  • Genesis – Abacab
  • John Williams – Raiders of the Lost Ark soundtrack
  • The Moody Blues – Long Distance Voyager
  • Styx – Paradise Theater
  • ELO – Time
  • Rush – Moving Pictures

In addition, if you indulge yourself to watch the whole 3+ hour show you will also get:

  • an unboxing of the new Kiss Destroyer 45th Anniversary box set
  • history of the year 1981
  • a clip of Eric’s cinematic debut Raiders of the Lost Fart
  • lots of laughs
  • a list of virtually every noteworthy album of the year 1981

This show was a sequel to last year’s retrospective on the year 1980 with Deke and a spinoff of Deke’s excellent followup on albums from 1981.



  1. I can’t believe I forgot that Hooked on Classics was also released in 1981. I would have brought it up just for a bit of fun. Never fails to get me air-conductoring throughout the house.

    But still great fun all around. And some new music to appreciate as well.

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        1. I will. I usually do get through them…mostly. A lot of the times, I keep them in the background when working so I can at least hear it and when someone does a show & tell, i find myself watching more than working!!

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        1. I just watched it! You were beaming with excitement as you named the albums that weren’t mentioned earlier. I also heard someone burp and saw Harrison make a grossed out face cause Dave wanted him to listen to Blondie.

          Liked by 1 person

        2. HAHAH yes someone burped! Man that was fun! I am sure you could tell! I am taking a break this week because last week, with all the listening we did, each guy poured about 12 hours of time into the show! That’s 48 hours of work!

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