GALLERY: 7 New Japanese Imports!

For those who often find themselves victims of mail theft, having parcels sent from Japan is a risky and anxiety-inducing activity.  You cannot have parcels shipped by regular mail, only courier, and dealing with DHL is a nightmare.  Fortunately, Jen happened to be home when DHL delivered the parcel on the wrong day when I was not.

I unboxed these Japanese import CDs on Friday February 3’s episode with my good friend MarriedAndHeels.  I didn’t spend a heck of a lot of time going through them, so here is a closer look at each!

D-A-D – Osaka After Dark (1990 live EP)


EXTREME – Extragraffitti (1990 EP)


EXTREME – Waiting For the Punchline (1995 Japanese version with “Fair Weather Faith”)


AEROSMITH – Vacation Club (1988 EP)


LOUDNESS – Slap In the Face (1991 EP)


BON JOVI – I Believe – Live At Milton Keynes – September 93 (1993 EP)


BON JOVI – Hey God (2 CD Japanese singles)


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  1. Don’t even get me started on DHL! I ordered copies of “Rock and Roll Children” and when no one was home when they were delivered, the driver forged a signature and dropped them on my front porch. Because it was close to Christmas, they were stolen. When I went to DHL, they hid behind officialdom. The publisher did send me more books at no more cost and this time, they didn’t use DHL.


        1. The kindest thing I can say was that they were very much of their time. There was a LOT of hair going on, it must have required Henry Rollins style neck muscles to have gone about your daily business under that, let alone to rock out every so often.

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        2. I get that but like a lot of bands then they were essentially pop bands cosplaying as rockers, which is fine; some great pop music was made back then by them and similar. That’s why rock mags like Kerrrang! were so interesting back then, you’d have Vixen, next to a Slayer article, next to Deep Purple, next to Nelson, next to Deicide. Such an interesting conglomerate of ideas/motivations/world views.

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        3. I’ve just been looking at Vixen on Youtube, there’s a bands Reunited programme on there and they all look so much younger and better now than they did in ’89.

          I still say that blonde chap in Cinderella had the best rock hair in the whole universe on the cover of Night Songs.

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      1. I’m hoping it will just be him pleasuring himself, snorting angel dust and shouting ‘Hail Satan! Vote Republican!’ Rather than some guff about how much he and the guys can’t wait to come back to Japan where the fans make them feel so welcome.

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  2. Man Jovi did singles well back in the day. Always made em a reason to buy.

    And i like how the labels always did a something special for the Japanese market. ExtraGraffiti from Extreme reminds me of Raw Tracks 1 and Raw Tracks 2 that Crue did.


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