Happy Easter Gallery! KISS’ Off The Soundboard: Poughkeepsie 11/28/1984 has arrived!

Jen beat Covid just in time to enjoy a happy Easter with the family.

I rocked my brand new Grab A Stack of Rock “Faces” hoodie, and unboxed the new KISS Off The Soundboard:  Poughkeepsie 11/28/1984.  This is the only soundboard show with Mark St. John on lead guitar.  This will be an interesting listen to a period of KISStory that ended prematurely.  Also opened the deluxe Blackout by Scorpions, one of the few deluxes of theirs that I was missing.  No longer!

Finally, I opened a new Apexcam, underwater camera.  My cottage videos from last year were lacking in underwater footage.  The old camera case had finally cracked.  Now I have a new one, in time to up my cottage video game this summer!



Unfortunately the Jays beat the California Angels, ending Easter on a downer!  Hah.

On the bright side…we now have Tee Bone Man shirts!  Thanks Harrison!



Store address:  teepublic.com/user/grab-a-stack-of-rock



  1. I love the Des Moines soundboard album. I’ve started to give this one a listen, and I’ll probably buy the download off of Amazon or another authorized site. The concert is historically significant, and I don’t have any live Eric Carr material. It’s also a bit different hearing the klassic songs played at such high tempo. And, as others have observed, it’s amusing to hear Paul try to sound badass by dropping F-bombs.

    At this moment, I’m excited for the remix of Live Evil that comes out in 50 days. Hopefully it is previously unreleased performances from the four shows recorded (or five, there’s debate on whether both Seattle shows were recorded). But right now, precise details on the remix haven’t been released.

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    1. Hi Marc!! I too am excited about Live Evil. My suspicion (and this is just based on a worst-case scenario) is that we will get a remix of the original album. But I hope to be wrong on that.

      As a kid, I liked when Paul dropped F-bombs. I’m easily amused. But I grew up on Animalize Live Uncensored, so I am ready for all the sped up tempos!!!

      Thanks for the comment!


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