#750: KISS II

GETTING MORE TALE #750:  KISS II Kiss frontman Paul Stanley seems emboldened by the monumental success of their End of the Road tour.  Why “emboldened”?  Because they’re pulling it off with only half the original band.  Ace Frehley has not shown up to sing “Shock Me” and Peter Criss seems happily retired.  Tommy Thayer and […]

#711: Why Kiss Need to Suck it Up and Bring Ace Frehley Back

GETTING MORE TALE #711: Why Kiss Need to Suck it Up and Bring Ace Frehley Back In a recent episode of Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon, former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley said, among many things, that it would take $100,000 per show for him to play on Kiss’ recently announced End of the Road tour.  While […]

GUEST MOVIE REVIEWS: Batman (1989), Batman Returns (1992)

Guest review by Holen MaGroin It may be considered a childish holiday, but it’s not about candy!  Here’s HOLEN MaGROIN with the next in his series of Halloween themed reviews.  For the last, Soundgarden’s Screaming Life/Fopp EPs, click here.   BATMAN (1989 Warner Bros.) BATMAN RETURNS (1992 Warner Bros.) Directed by Tim Burton Given the […]

RE-REVIEW: KISS – Hot in the Shade (1989)

The KISS RE-REVIEW SERIES Part 38:   – Hot in the Shade (1989 Polygram) Step one:  Get Gene Simmons’ demon head back into the game. Step two:  Record a rock album, not a Bon-keyboard-Jovi-Kiss hybrid. Throw in the kitchen sink while you’re at it.  It’s Kiss, so what’s wrong with excess?  Why not a new album with 15 […]

RE-REVIEW: KISS – Creatures of the Night (1982/1985)

The KISS RE-REVIEW SERIES Part 22:   – Creatures of the Night (1982 Casablanca, 1985 Polygram reissue, 1997 Mercury remaster) The internal problems with Kiss continued full-bore into their next album, the surprisingly powerful Creatures of the Night.  Ace Frehley was on the cover, and in the music video, but like Peter Criss before him, he didn’t play […]

RE-REVIEW: KISS – Unmasked (1980)

bThe KISS RE-REVIEW SERIES Part 18:  It’s a KISS three-fer!  LeBrain and Uncle Meat discuss KISS Unmasked below.  Meanwhile Deke at Stick it in Your Ear has an accompanying piece called Peter Criss:  Tossed and Turning!  – Unmasked (1980 Casablanca, 1997 Mercury remaster) “I think Unmasked is a pretty crappy album.  It’s wimpy” – Paul Stanley, KISS Behind the Mask Here […]

#551: “You’re Wrong on Unmasked” (Intro to the KISS RE-Review series!)

GETTING MORE TALE #551: “You’re Wrong on Unmasked“ (Introduction to the  Re-Review series) When mikeladano.com launched five years ago on March 9 of 2012, one of the earliest projects on hand was posting a complete series of Kiss reviews.  This included every compilation I’d ever listened to, every studio album, every official live album, every B-side.  […]

REVIEW: KISS – Kiss Rocks Vegas (3 CD/1 Blu-ray Japanese import)

Two reviews for the price of none! For Deke’s review of Kiss Rocks Vegas, click here! NEW RELEASE KISS – Kiss Rocks Vegas (3 CD/1 Blu-ray Japanese import, 2016 Eagle Rock) Kiss put on a hell of a show for their nine gig run in Las Vegas.  You could argue that spectacle is 50% of the Kiss […]

REVIEW: KISS – 40 (2015 single CD Japan Commemorative edition)

  NEW RELEASE KISS – 40 (2015 Universal Japan single CD Commemorative edition) Wait a minute, I’m confused — did I just buy Kiss 40, again? Wait a minute, it’s 2015 now — shouldn’t this be Kiss 41, or something?? Wait a minute, what the hell is “Kiss vs. Momoiro Clover Z”??? Eager to buy […]

REVIEW: KISS – The Ritz On Fire (2013)

NEW RELEASE KISS – The Ritz On Fire (2013 Gold Fish, recorded 1988) This is hard to get. I got mine via eBay; Scott the Scot found his locally. Fandom went into panic mode when all Amazon pre-orders were abruptly cancelled. We all figured that Kiss’ lawyers stopped its release. It had still made it […]