UPDATE: Two Queensryches? F***!

(Above: Sarzo)



The “real”Queenryche:
Eddie Jackson (bass), Scott Rockenfield (drums), Michael Wilton and Parker Lundgren (guitars), Todd La Torre (new singer)

Geoff Tate’s new “second” Queensryche:  Rudy Sarzo (bass, ex-Dio, ex-Quiet Riot, ex-Ozzy, ex-Whitesnake), Bobby Blotzer (drums, Ratt), Glen Drover (guitars, ex-Megadeth), Kelly Gray (guitars, ex-Queensryche) and Randy Gane (keyboards, ex-Myth).

Getting (Canadian!) Glen Drover is a huge coup.  Sarzo’s history speaks for itself. Gray is no surprise, at least to me.  But “Da Blotz” Bobby Blotzer on drums?  Seriously, Geoff?  That’s…uhhh…an interesting choice for a new Queensryche.  What, was Frankie Banali unavailable so next on the list was Da Blotz?

My initial impressions are as follows:  Drover’s brilliant but this new patchwork Queensryche smells like the new Guns N’ Roses.  Blotzer is a choice that just boggles my mind.  I guess we’ll see how it goes, but my money’s on the old Queensryche.   Still can’t believe the fans have to deal with two Queensryches, now.  Hopefully the courts will put this to an end in 2013 and rule that the guys who booted Geoff out by  majority vote have the rights to the name….

This is just getting stupid.  Geoff, stop being a douche!

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  1. I’ve been trying to give both parties the benefit of the doubt but Geoff is taking the p*ss now surely! As a solo outfit I’d be intrigued but calling that QR is a joke. If he had got Chris DeGarmo on board that would be another matter… but he’s too smart to get involved in this mess.

    The proof of the pudding will be in the real QRs ability to come up with new material. It’s easy for them to play the crowd pleasing older material but if they can’t come up with anything new in that vein I’m not interested.


    1. I believe that they will. If their story is true, then they have dozens of song ideas they’ve been sitting on for almost a decade. But as you say, if a new album was released and it wasn’t any good, then it’s game over, call it a day.

      Not all bands have to go the way of Ripper Owens or Blaze Bayley. Bands can get new singers and thrive, and I think this band is HUNGRY again. They better be!


      1. Fingers crossed for them, I really hope they can deliver the goods. I’d love to have a QR I can be proud of again!

        Totally agree about bands replacing singers but it is always a big big risk, especially when the singer has been a key part of the writing. That said, unlike Maiden and Priest, QR have run their reputation into the ground so I think the new singer might not be that hard to sell. I think the appetite for a classic style QR is definitely there.

        Geoff turning the whole situation into a pantomime is unlikely to help matters though. It’s very disrespectful of the fans who have stuck with the band all this time. A bit more dignity please!


  2. Dignity’s a good word. No fan likes to see “their” bands going through something like this in the media. In the end it confuses everybody and hurts the stature of all parties. Just that that they have this drama on their resumes now.

    But again the proof will be in the music. I can’t help but full that it smacks of hypocrisy that Tate previously talked about how he disliked metal, and now it seems hes going to be trying to compete with Queensryche themselves. I’ve heard Tate refer to his new Queensryche music as “metal” so it just smells funny to me. It’s like he knows if he did another mellow electronic album, he’s toast. Like he only has one way to get the fans to follow him, and it’s to recruit great session guys who are respected and bring their own fans with them. And you mentioned songwriting, all of these guys have credits on hit albums.

    Just as Tracii Guns finally folded his hack version of LA Guns, now we have two Queensryches. Great.


    1. I’ve always admired Tate for wanting to progress so I’m also very suspicious about him going back to a more Metal sound now. It’s certainly a strong line-up performance and writing-wise but I think the lack of conviction would come across. I’m a bit curious as to why some of the people involved have even agreed to do it! I understand he feels like he deserves the name but he should be get angry, form an awesome new band and fight back that way. Do a Mustaine! Haha


      1. Yeah, get angry, form a new band,call it Geoff Tate’s Queens of Hate or something like that, and put out a new album that blows people away. Not an album where I’ll walk into the store and not know who I am buying!


  3. I will undoubtedly buy BOTH albums, under whatever names they will be under. One thing is certain: there will be definitely be a new Queensryche album. I imagine both parties are in a race to be out with product first.

    I listened to a new Crimson Glory tune with La Torre singing, and I said right away, “If the new Ryche sounded like this, I could be into it.” They would be smart to have him sing his balls off on the next record, because it is the one single factor on their favour: They have a young voice at the mic, and Geoff naturally does not. So he surrounded himself with name musicians who are at the top of their game (although I still don’t get Da Blotz). It’s a battle, and weapons have been chosen: Young voice and original band, Vs. Original voice and veteran band. What else is yet to be thrown into the ring?

    The wildcard, of course, would be if DeGarmo waded into this mess. Smart money is against that scenario!


  4. Hey guys, I think they’re totally missing the point, here. Think of your comic book collection, whether Star Trek or the super heroes… there are always parallel universes. So I think there should be even MORE Queensryches. Get three or four of them going, hell, everybody get involved! What are the guys from Poison doing these days? Hahaha.

    Oh I’m kidding. I’m sure it’ll all sort itself out. You have to wonder about those guys attaching themselves to the singer but not the rest of the band. Maybe I’m showing my bias here, but I’d wanna be on the team that didn’t have the douchebag.


        1. The evidence suggests that the goatee emerged somewhere around American Soldier. But think back to your Original Trek. You don’t need a goatee to be evil. Remember “The Enemy Within”? Transporter accident splits Kirk into good and evil halves? In fact that is the episode that inspired the song by Kathryn Ladano, called “Evil Kirk” — featuring guest lead vocals by Mike Ladano :)


        2. Just bought it! I just listened to it a couple of times with my girlfriend, we both really enjoyed it. You sound like a crazy cross between Shatner and Adrian Belew.

          Especially liked the quote “it was the animal part of me that came to your cabin”. Quality.


      1. Yep. The “evil STABBY” Geoff Tate. I can’t believe they didn’t have the guy arrested and restrained from being near them. People take too much shit, hoping things will change. Sometimes things really are black or white, clear-cut.


  5. I don’t know. The “new” Queensryche guys, I’m sure they’re getting paid well and this has them employed for the next two years, and when you have a family to support, maybe you take the certain money. I know if I had bands like Dio and Whitesnake on my resume, I wouldn’t think those names stood up there with “new” Queensryche. But as I’ve said the bottom line will be the music.,

    The original Queensryche have the benefit of several gigs under their belts and more in October, and so far they are capturing the vibe and blowing this writer away. I’m excited.


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