Gallery: Toronto Record Store Excursion 2013 teaser

Not quite a year ago, Aaron and I went to Toronto to splurge on music.  Today I have returned from what is hoped to be a regular occurrence.  I present to you, the spoils of war below.  This is just a teaser.  My goal is to edit together another documentary video like I did last year.  This year I shot everything on my new BlackBerry Z10, which means I have to do some file conversion.  With any luck I’ll be showing you all the details and fun soon.  Until then, enjoy this teaser.!


  1. I had the Halen Pretty Woman 45 as well Mike.
    I bought that about a month before Diver Down was released I remember getting home and being jacked up that I got the new Halen 45 thru on Pretty Woman and than flipped it over and …..Happy Trails???….hahahahaha….I couldn’t believe it….as a 15 yr old I was was like..whooooooooooah what just happened here???……ummmmm……especially after the Fair Warning album now this….but once I heard the album I was fine with it..well most of it !!
    Now for the Scorps that’s a great live album kinda gets forgotten about as it came out the same yr as Live After Death …..still it’s a solid release…


    1. Deke as I was telling my buddy Craig, I mainly bought it a) for the picture sleeve and b) because I find it comical that the A-side is like 2:30 and the B-side like 1 minute! Must be one of the shortest singles ever. They could have fit the whole thing on one side.

      I have never owned World Wide Live, until now. I am really looking forward to finally hearing it!

      I also brought home…nah I’ll make you wait for the video :)

      I’m editing it right now and as long as I don’t have technical difficulties, this is gonna be fun.


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