Top Five(s) of 2013 – Part 3: 2013’s Rockin’ Stats

What Do the Stats Say?

I always enjoy doing these year-end lists.  I’ve compiled some of the stats from the last 12 months for you, and for my own amusement.  For the 2012 installment click here.

2013 was an exciting year for me.  I enjoyed reviewing some great albums, although I only did one real “series” in 2013 — Ace Frehley.  I did some mini-series such as the Week of Singles, but nothing as epic as the 50 part Maiden series from 2012.

In 2013, I took a bigger leap into making videos.  Three this year that I was particularly proud of:

1. Toronto Record Store Excursion 2013
2. Sausagefest XII Video Report
3. Top Five Discs that Got Us in Shit at the Record Store

Not including these end-of-year lists, 2013 had only 9 Guest Shots.  I’d really like more in 2013, so drop me a line if you are interested in contributing.  Uncle Meat was the most prolific contributor this year, with notable work also posted by Mrs. LeBrain, Lemon Kurri Klopek, and Tommy Morais.

In 2013, I posted 103 installments of Record Store Tales, 12 editions of the ever popular WTF Search Terms, and a whopping 275 Reviews.

My biggest personal blogging achievement this year however was the completion of a massive project:  A Table of Contents!  It was a mind-numbing task in its monotony, but rewarding in its final form.  Finally all Record Store Tales and Reviews are listed and easy to find in a couple clicks.



United States FlagUnited States 31,256
Canada FlagCanada 24,154
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 9,884
Germany FlagGermany 3,479
Sweden FlagSweden 3,080


Queensryche absolutely dominated this year, their combined hits overshadowing even the mighty Iron Maiden.

1. Iron Maiden – Maiden England ’88 (2013 CD reissue)…1,391
2. Marillion – Radiation 2013…1,240
3. Queensrÿche – “Redemption” (2013 single)…927
4. Queensrÿche – Queensrÿche (2013 Japanese edition with bonus tracks)…907
5. Geoff Tate’s Queensrÿche – “Cold” (2013 single)…737
6. (Runner-up) Brian May & Friends – Star Fleet Project…691


1. marillion radiation 2013…145
2. queensryche redemption…127
3. 69porn…118
4. paul stanley voice problems…90
5. mike ladano…75


1.  Aaron! 1047 comments

2.  Heavy Metal OverloRd 817 comments

3.  Deke 407 comments

4.  Jon Wilmenius 355 comments

* Because of a glitch I only have a Top 4

Tomorrow, we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming with a new Record Store Tale. Thanks for reading in 2013, and I promise more fun in 2014!


  1. Cool lists Mike…..I made the top 5 by spouting off 407 times..
    FYI …80 of that number must have come on the Sport Of Kings Review!!!


    1. 408 now Deke!!

      Well thanks for reading and commenting and everything. If there were no readers I would have lost interest really quickly, it would have just been me talking to myself!

      The Sport of Kings comments were epic. You me and Jon really ragged on that album pretty hard!


  2. Over 1000 comments? Who loves ya, buddy? Also, who knew? That’s a lot. Proof I gotta get my Lebrain fix every day (and feel the need to comment on it), anyway…

    You’re right, this is my favourite (although the Top 5s are awesome too). I love stats. This kind of quantifying of your environment is fascinating, to me. I know, I know. But don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine in my geekery…

    Your videos are awesome. Do more! Also looks like I need to get in a guest shot or three. I’ll call Statham, tell him you miss him… Let us know what we can do. I’m sure something ass-kicking can be arranged.

    Way to go, Dude!


    1. As I said to Deke earlier, without readers there’s no point and without comments I’m just talking to myself! You were the original prolific commentor here! It was you…then some Scottish guy showed up…and Deke!

      Statham has my email address…tell him to contact me ASAP! The return of Statham has my balls tingling!


      1. Get ready to bring your comments to the KMA. Man, I’m all full of crap to write, these days!

        I don’t know about the tingling, maybe you oughta have that looked at… and I’ll tell Statham to contact you.


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