VIDEO: Mike and Aaron Return to Toronto

Making these videos is a lot of work (a lot more than it looks like, thank you Winblows*) but it’s a labor of love.

Aaron and I did very well on Toronto Record Store Excursion 2013.  We used modern technology, such as smartphones and GPS, to maximize our time.  The weather was gorgeous (absolutely perfect) the whole day, and boy, did we buy a lot of music.

If you wanna check out the 2012 Record Store Excursion vid, click here.  If not, enjoy this year’s videos embedded below (two parts)!



* Need to move on from Windows Movie Maker.  Its glitchiness made this way too hard.




  1. Cool vids..where else would U see in one clip some dude walking around in stolen cowboy boots and Glass Tiger in one vid clip?….
    Cool purchases….


        1. Nope, just Taken By Force! The George Carlin CD was hilarious, I’ve played Bonham twice now. I haven’t listened to Bonham in probably 15 years but I like it more now then I did then.


  2. Cool purchases and a pretty massive haul! Aaron got some GBV so I’m sure he’ll be delighted about that! Also, Aaron managed to get the Buddy Holly that he recommended to himself! Haha

    I’ve got the DVDs of those Crowes gigs but not the albums, should be great listens. That Scorps remaster of Taken By Force! Great album but the Polar Nights bonus is a bit annoying as it’s just a track from Tokyo Tapes. Even more annoyingly it’s not on the current version of Tokyo Tapes as they stuck to a single CD! I hate when they do that…

    Only watched Part 1 so far cause I’m at my work… more later!


    1. I think you CAN get all the songs from Tokyo Tapes though by getting all the remasters? Because they stuck tunes here and there on all kinds of stuff…

      It was a great album. I played it yesterday. Gotta love Uli Jon Roth.


      1. It’s an awesome album. You do get all the Tokyo Tapes tracks on the remasters just not all on Tokyo Tapes! I don’t like them splitting it up like that is all. They should’ve just made it a 2CD. I’ve got it on vinyl though so no biggie!


        1. I don’t like the splitting up either. But at least you can put it on your computer and burn off a “real” 2 CD set if you had them all.

          Me, I’m filling in major holes in my Scorpions collection, and have not acquired Tokyo Tapes, but whether I go CD or LP, I WILL get all the songs.


        2. Yes, of course you can do that but you want the full album physically don’t you.? Course you do!

          That minor gripe aside… those Scorps remasters sound great. Tokyo Tapes is good enough that I don’t mind having 2 copies anyway! It’s only that one track that was lifted off BTW.


  3. Lookin’ good, man. Who are those handsome devils? Haha that guitar riff… I swear it took 5 minutes (or less), conception and recording combined. With bonus kid noise in the background! An excellent trip with many treasures procurred. I now have enough music to last me quite some time. My lovely wife says I’m like a squirrel, hoarding nuts for the winter (operative word being ‘nuts’). Well done, sir, your video editing kept the day’s integrity and compressed the time spent getting there and back. Right on. The rest of you guys know how lucky you are that Mike puts this much love and work into this site, right? RIGHT! And there we have it, Year Two of a (hopefully) decades long tradition of attacking the big city and pillaging its goods. :) Awesome. Thanks, Mike!


  4. Mike, I got a message from a friend of ours in my inbox this morning…

    Oi! What’s this I hear about you and Aaron going to Toronto on a record shopping excursion without me? Got a lot of balls, you have. Here I am, working hard on location every day, making another great and societally important film, long months of arduous work. I get home from location, check my messages and bang. Exclusion. Didn’t even think to phone me, maybe find out my schedule, didja? Eh? Buggers. I would’ve loved me some time on that trip. Well, thanks a lot, mate. But do yourself a favour and keep me in mind for next time, you understand? Skip me for two of them and I… well, I might have to do what I do best. Right? You’re on watch, you bastards…


      1. Haha oh Dude, you clearly aren’t looking over your shoulder for safety’s sake nearly enough. :) Read that letter again to yourself, only this time hear it read in the voice of an English action film actor who is known for taking his shirt off and beating up groups of people at once.


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