Part 320: End of the Line #5: A New Life

Part 320: End of the Line #5: A New Life

I enjoy meeting new people and learning new skills.  I spent a while at Aecon and I really liked it there.  Something I learned in my new workplace:  people love a music geek. I was at Aecon for three or four months, and then another place, and another, before finally finding myself working in a full-time-permanent position again. That process only took about two years, which is not bad at all.  One thing all those jobs had in common was that there were music fans everywhere.  As soon as people found out I used to work in the Record Store, the questions began! Did you have this? Have you ever seen that? What was it like working there? Can you make me a Bon Jovi hits CD?  (The answer was yes: I made her a double.  It included Cross Road as Disc 1, and my own custom made Disc 2 with all the rest of my favourites.  See below for my track list.)

I will always have a soft spot in my heart for my job at United Rentals.  We really had a lot of fun there.   They were very good to the staff, and even though I was non-permanent there, I was treated as an equal.  I really appreciated and respect that.  On the music side, we had the radio tuned to Dave FM (having switched from the uber-lame-o Chym FM).  I worked in a computer room in the back.  My boss at that job came in during “Cum On Feel the Noize”.  Excitedly he gasped, “Are they playing Quiet Riot?  That’s awesome!”  We then bonded over cheesy hair metal. I made him a custom May 24 Quiet Riot party CD.  I also made a Christmas rock disc for everybody in the office, two years in a row. That was a hit with a lot of people.

It was a sad day when United Rentals closed their Canadian office.  That unfortunately split up a wonderful group of people.  It did however open the door to where I am now.  Today, I work a satisfying job in the steel industry. It’s special for the same reason that all my jobs have been special: the people.

I like to say that I used to sell Heavy Metal, and now I sell heavy metal!

To be concluded…


  1. As an old bastard, I’m more Slade noize than Quiet Riot but can certainly meet you on the Heavy Metal soundtrack: it was one I searched for for ages to acquire the rare Donald Fagan song “True Companion” – a song title relevant to this final instalment, maybe?

    Glad you found your true mettle.

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    1. Thanks Geoff! Midnight in Chelsea is a good single from Jon’s solo album, but there was one awesome tune on it that was not a hit called “August 7, 4:15”. I strongly recommend checking it out. I have a number of Jon rarities including a bunch of live versions that I’d like to look at in a future Week of Singles.


        1. Grandma is OK in case you were wondering! In fact I’m hoping to see her again tomorrow, and also hoping she will be home on Sunday. She has been in great spirits. She started getting tired from the drugs and physio on Tuesday but has been working hard! I’m so proud of her. Honestly I really am. It’s not easy for a 90 year old to fight through an injury like that, but she’s doing it better than I might have. She’s a trooper!

          But yeah…these blogs were like reliving it to write them write. Then it was like reliving again to edit/finish. Then it was like reliving AGAIN to post and discuss. However I’ve had immense support behind the scenes, from people who know.


        2. Hell yeah. Tomorrow’s final (sniff) post will address this a bit, but I’ve been waiting sooooooo loooooong to finally get this damn story finished. I’m sad to see it go, but with the next series coming, it’s balanced by excitement. I’ve selected a debut story for the next series and I think it’s gonna be fun.


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