#398: New Rock, Old Rock

#398: New Rock, Old Rock

A selection of songs I’ve been rocking out to on the radio lately, for your consideration and perusal.

ROYAL BLOOD – “Figure It Out”
It seems that bass/drums duos are all the rage. I like this awesome, aggressive groove from the English duo of Royal Blood. Just slammin’! Proof that you don’t need more than two people to make good heavy rock!

DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 – “Trainwreck 1979”
Having ignored these two Canadian guys for years, I have recently become infatuated with “Trainwreck 1979”. I could do without the piano touches and the “woo ooo ooo’s” but it’s hard to deny that this is a slamming song living up to its name. Well done, Death From Above 1979.

THE TREWS – “New King”
This aggressive riff-based song combines three elements I love about the Trews – guitar hooks, memorable melodies, and a great singer. Bonus points for cool lyrics like, “A bitter hipster hick, Can’t stop talking shit, The F’N idiot, Don’t know when to quit.”

DANKO JONES – “Do You Wanna Rock”
No surprises here! Danko Jones = Danko Jones = Danko Jones, but it’s always nice to hear a new track. This one’s pretty simple — it’s about rocking! More cowbell!

I MOTHER EARTH – “The Devil’s Engine”
Different from anything I’ve heard this band do before, “The Devil’s Engine” combines traditional IME percussion with metallic riffs and licks. With the prior single “We Got the Love” out in 2012, it would be nice to get a new album by I Mother Earth.

I haven’t been a fan of the Pretty Reckless. Until now I’ve found their music to be tiredly generic. This track, however, kicks it! Taylor Momsen’s turned herself into a metal howler, in her natural environment. Her songs can get repetitive but I’m not bored with this one yet.

I’ve also recently rediscovered some of these tracks that I knew very well, but have been dusted off on the radio recently.

AC/DC – “Rock the Blues Away”
I’m glad that after “Play Ball” and “Rock Or Bust”, this excellent AC/DC track has been chosen as the newest single from AC/DC’s latest. It’s absolutely a favourite of mine! Great choice for a single.

NEIL YOUNG – “Downtown”
I’m pleasantly reminded of this collaboration between Uncle Neil and Pearl Jam, showcasing their kickass new drummer Jack Irons. A great, simple little rock tune.

TRIUMPH – “Lay It on the Line”
This is undeniably a Canadian classic of double-necked guitar majesty. I noticed that the version getting airplay today is the beefier remixed version, from Greatest Hits Remixed. (I was the only listener that noticed, I know because I wrote in to ask about it!)


  1. Not sure what to make of Royal Blood – a few friends have been going mad for them, but I just can’t get on board. Anyway, Neil Young’s ‘Downtown’ – nice. One of my favourite’s from the album that one. Might need to be rocking out to that one myself this afternoon!


    1. Well J now that Royal Blood have some other singles out that I’ve heard, nothing blows me away like Figure It Out. I’d like to own an album with that song on it, but I don’t know if their album is worth owning.


      1. Well, I’ve only given their album a cursory listen and, as good as some of it was, it just didn’t get the hooks in me. But aye – I dare say ‘Figure it Out’ will appear on some sort of alternative rock compilation soon enough.


  2. Showing the love for Triumph! Atta boy Mike! Ironically enough yesterday I was reading a interview at Classic Rock Revisted with Ron Nevision and he says that when he went to produce Sport Of Kings they had agreed that the album was gonna feature one singer only and it wasn’t the drummer! Hmmm he says it dissolved pretty quickly when it came time to record so he split…..
    Trews I gotta get around to buying someday….I hear there stuff when I rearely listen to the radio and it’s good….
    IME- dunno man I guess I gotta get this track and give it a shot ….
    Young- that’s a great track Downtown actually I like that whole record just raw rock
    Young and Young – Rock The Blues Away is a great track….I still like that record even today! And what it’s only been out for 5 months….still good…..


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