WTF Search Terms: Joey Tempest’s Real Hair edition plus bonus WTF Comments!


WTF Search Terms XXIX: Joey Tempest’s Real Hair edition

Good day, eh? Welcome to the latest edition of WTF Search Terms: those whacky things people type into a search engine that somehow lead them here! I find that certain topics go in waves. For example, a popular question often searched for is “Can Marilyn Manson suck his own dick?” (Answer: No.) These things come and go like trends. Nobody will search for Manson’s dick for months, and then suddenly in one week, I’m getting multiple hits for Manson’s wang using different phrasing. Of course, that could still just be one person, trying and clicking in vain that it will be a different site this time….

Lately, Joakim Larsson, better known as Joey Tempest, the lead singer (or not?) of Europe, has popped up in search terms, and in the comments!  Remember a few months back, when we were visited by Joey’s supposed spouse, Miranda Larsson?  This time, in fact, Joakim himself stopped by to say hello:



Before you start kneeling and cawing “We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy!”, let’s have a closer look. Joey apparently uses a Yahoo email address, and according to the IP address, lives in Virginia. His IP address is also an exact match with a previous comment left by “Miranda Larsson”, also living in Virginia. But wait…according to Wikipedia and its source material, “Joey Tempest currently lives in London with his wife Lisa Worthington and sons James Joakim and Jack Johnston Larsson. He does not have any social media pages apart from the official ones for Europe listed on their website.”

Conclusion:  Sadly, I do not think the real Joey Tempest has ever had the fortune to stop by here at  I guess I’ll have to remain content with a bitchy Kenny Hotz comment from a couple years ago.

These recent comments came with a spate of WTF search terms!  Seems I’m not the only one wondering about Miranda and Joey and…well…and just see for yourself.  Enjoy these Joey (and one for bandmate John Norum) WTFs!

1. joey tempest miranda

2. miranda larsson tempest

3. is joey tempest married with miranda

4. joey tempest and wife

5. joey tempest satanist

6. joey tempest real hair color

7. john norum hair piece

And, the winner this time:

8. joey tempest a woman

Come back regularly for more WTFs!



        1. I called Oldaker a twat… Very immature, to be honest. To point out that I’m not a fan of his drumming would have been enough. I guess you learn something new everyday… ;)

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  1. Given that I don’t really know Europe except for the Final Countdown, all of this stuff has sort of passed me by. But I’m glad you guys have had fun with it.It is amazing what people type into th einternets. I would love to attend the Google office Christmas party, I’m sure they have a blast with the funniest search terms of the year…

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  2. February 21, 2016 at 2:43 pm Reply
    August 7, 2015 at 5:12 pm
    ‘”Paul Is Dead: The Amazing Beatles Conspiracy’, ‘Lennon Lives! Why John Isn’t Dead’ and ‘George! Satan’s Favorite Beatle”’.
    Okay, so listen. Why Lennon Lives ? Why John Isn’t Dead ? Because his spirit possessed The Real Joey Tempest. This demon took Joey’s body and forced Joey’s soul out of the body. This happened 26 years ago. That’s why The Real Joey Tempest is not alive. Demon killed him. It’s Lennon and that’s why he acts, looks like a devil from hell and wrote songs like “Demon head”, “Devil sings the blues”, “You devil you”, “The beast”. There are photos and videos where similarity is obvious when it comes to looks, music, as a proof. If you want and care to know and see this truth, and you should, you will find them by yourselves.

    How can you all be so blind, cruel and heartless?! You really are not people, only monsters too! How can you laugh and make fun of what i said here?! It’s the whole truth and it’s very seroius! Why can’t you even think about it for a minute?! How can you be so empty?! You have no brains, no hearts and you will all pay dearly for that one day, you will see!!


    1. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I think the reason I don’t take this seriously is that don’t believe in demonic possession the way you do. But we all wish you the best in your life and consider this topic done.


  3. Not only i believe in that, it’s a fact known worldwide, what kind of illusion “people” live in if they don’t believe such obvious facts? Don’t wish me all the best, Real Joey should receive these wishes from all of you, but he never could expect it from the worst “fans” in the world that you all are.


  4. You can not disagree if you even didn’t check out photos and videos for comparison as i advised above, or at least ask where to find them, there are many, but you even don’t want to do that, so everyone who did not do it have no right to say “i disagree”. It’s not a disagreement then, it’s only running away from the truth. If you still don’t want to fix your huge mistakes so stop still writing back the same, i stopped reading. Time will prove what you all have done and to whom anyway, by ignoring such a thing and even make fun of it. Shame on you all!!


    1. OK fine. I don’t disagree, I’m just plain not interested. But thanks for your comments. Sorry but the supernatural isn’t my thing. Perhaps you’d like to find another site that discusses such things.


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