WTF Comments: “Now I will believe that there are unicorns…”

WTF Comments IV:  “Now I will believe that there are unicorns…”
(William Shakespeare, The Tempest)

These comments went into my spam, so even though they are two months old, I didn’t see them until today. The Joey Tempest Conspiracy Theorists have reared their ugly heads again. Not much commentary needed from me this time, just read and see for yourself! It’s just a huge bag of WTF. I’ll only add two things:

1. I couldn’t even hack a calculator.

2. I honestly had no idea Billy was a dude. There are lots of girls named Billy! I thought it was an all-female mob of obsessed Joey Tempest fans. Now we know it’s a mixed gender group. Hooray!




Billy, this is your official public apology for thinking you’re a girl. You don’t have to show me your wang to prove it, I believe you.

Just when I thought this couldn’t get any weirder, I had to check my spam. Jesus. Happy Friday!




  1. This is a weird one, Dude.

    Gotta admit, I lost interest in all of this long ago, but that’s ‘cos I don’t really know much about the people you’re, um, discussing.

    But I’m glad you’re having fun with it!

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    1. I wouldn’t use the word fun, this was past fun about 2 posts ago. Now it’s just bizarre, and hopefully now over.

      Amazing that a 35+ year old band with a couple hits has generated this much obsession.


    1. Which is a good thing, I think! I seem to be a bit of a magnet. I suppose to do poke the hornet’s nest as Aaron says, but I think this will be the last we hear from these folks.


      1. That would be nice to close that bizarre chapter of the darker side of blogging – I prefer the positive, like Rich’s shout-out to you I just read of being among Canada’s biggest Maiden fans!

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        1. Hahah I didn’t expect this post to turn into a feedback session but I like it!

          And I like those weekly series too. I’m hoping to do a five review series on the band The Four Horsemen. I have two reviews complete but the only one I’m worried about is the DVD/CD combo set. That’ll take a little extra time.

          Appreciate the feedback from both of you fine gents. While we all should ultimately try to please ourselves, this post doesn’t please me at all actually. It’s an ugly post and I look forward to the next music one.

          Which may happen later today depending on the dice. I’m hoping to post something cool later on today.


        2. That DVD/CD review is taking a bit of time? Well Mike, Nobody said it was easy ;)
          That series sounds right up my street – looking forward to it whenever it rolls in!


      1. I really am kidding Billy boy George, I’m a cybersecurity pro, I STOP hackers for a living. Btw, you can’t hack someone just by knowing their IP address champ. Takes a bit more. #themoreyouknow


  2. Billy.

    Please do not have your people sending screen shots of my “mug”.

    Also, I am not interested in seeing you an a dress and makeup.

    As Austin Powers said “This sort of thing ain’t my bag baby.”


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