QUIZ WINNER! The Merciless Book of Metal Lists!



The fastest win in contest history goes to…



The correct answer to the question was JINGLE CATS!

The answer was found on Record Store Tales Part 167:  Top Five Discs that Got Us in Shit at the Record Store

Well done Wardy!  Your Merciless Book of Metal Lists is in the mail!


  1. That contest reminds me of the one they did in WKRP. They made it super hard, or so they thought because the station could not afford to pay the prize.

    The first caller got all of them correct except one. Johnny Fever tells him “You’re wayyyy off.”


    (^my memory may be a little off on the exact details.)

    Now I need to re watch this episode, and maybe a bunch more.


  2. DANG! Cheers all and thanks Mike.

    Hey usually with the timezone other side of he world shenanigans we/I am the last to get to these competitions, but I woke at 4am and could not get back to sleep so after a time got up way early when the Ladano post hit my email.

    So I gave jt a go just for fun and whaddya know? Hot dog and a shake kids, we won! \m/

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