Sunday Chuckle: When Aaron meant to text his wife but texted me instead


  1. Also, for those who wanna know:

    I was in the grocery store for supplies. I had just finished talking with an employee at HMV and found out a Sunrise will be going in after HMV goes out, so I texted Mike and James about it. Then I thought, I’d better find out how many steaks we have at home before I buy more, and while I was thinking of my lovely wife I never switched from the Mike/James text still open to her text number instead, so the guys received my text meant for her. Really shoulda been something racy. I’m slipping.

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      1. Cool! I’m trying to think back to the Sunrise on Yonge… we used to go in there, but we never bought anything. We used HMV and Sunrise as comparison pricing for what we wanted and then went and bought it at Sam’s…


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