Sunday Chuckle: Toasted Eggs

How do you like your eggs?  Scrambled for me.  But I’ve had ’em boiled (hard and soft), poached, fried (sunny side up or over easy), and Benny.  How do your like your eggs?

I have a co-worker who likes them toasted.

Here’s the story.  I came into work one day to find two eggs in the toaster.  They belonged to Joe, an Italian tooling specialist.  Picture this conversation with the stereotypical Mario accent.

M:  “What’s up with your eggs, Joe?”

J: “Oh Mike!  It was either my son or my wife!  They thought it was funny if they take my boiled eggs and give me raw.  I can tell they are raw just by touching them.  So I put them in the toaster!  They taste just as good!  Maybe better!  Don’t tell my son and wife, they think they got me, but they don’t know!”

So there you go, folks.  Toasted eggs are better than hard boiled!


  1. A lass in my work threw eggs in the microwave to boil and, well, they exploded. Blew the microwave door right open. Frightened a visitor to the office who was standing just a foot or so in front of it. Egg shrapnel all over the place. Incredible to witness. I was literally in tears.

    Anyhoo, I’ll suggest she opts to toast them next time!

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