Sunday Chuckle: How to Protect Yourself & Others With Mask & Gloves

These pamphlets showed up at our work mysteriously one morning.  Somebody else tossed them in the trash as soon as they realized who provided them!

We already know from Tom Cruise that only a Scientologist can help when there’s a car accident.  Perhaps only a Scientologist can prevent Covid-19?


  1. Billy Sheehan is a Scientologist. Enough said about them right there.

    For strangers who may come across this site by happenstance with no context for the above statement, rest assured that it was not intended as flattery.

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    1. Does it strike you as odd that Beck is also a scientologist?

      Or Giovanni Ribisi?

      Or anybody that you might actually really enjoy their entertainment? Because I just don’t understand how smart people can also be into Scientology.


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