Sunday Screening: Catherine Wheel – “Ma Solituda”

“Start the day in a cold December way.”

It’s almost December so let’s have a listen to my favourite December song!  Though you might not be able to tell from just the music video, that’s Bruce Dickinson’s cousin Rob Dickinson singing in Catherine Wheel.

From their excellent 1997 album Adam and Eve, enjoy this melancholy masterpiece. I don’t know about you, but that’s not what Canadian Decembers look like….

Look for a full album review soon.


  1. Finally got chrome this year…Wishville was my favorite album of theirs. Only 2 more days to go before we can start opening the advent calendars. This year the kids switched from lego star wars to Potter calendar. I’m sticking to the chocolate one. How about u?


  2. Fun! December around here does not usually look like that, but I like what we get just fine.

    True story: I saw Catherine Wheel in concert at Edenfest, and didn’t even know who it was (we missed the start of the set). Eventually someone told us who it was. Cool! They were very good. They didn’t play this song, but says they covered Rush! [I Want To Touch You, Way Down, Little Muscle, Crank, Heal, The Spirit Of Radio (Rush cover), Black Metallic].

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        1. I’m doubly impressed.

          Reading up, I discovered that Rob Dickinson retired from music after one solo album. He now owns a high-end car servicing place. Like, if you need your Porche tuned up, you take it to Rob Dickinson. Wild.


  3. Most underrated band of all time, you know how much I love these guys Mike, Shame Rob Dickinson seems to have hung up his guitar to work on Porche 911 remodels. Hey, if he’s happy I can’t judge.

    BTW If you haven’t checked out Rob’s solo record Fresh Wine for the Horses, do so. It’s unreal.


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