Best of 2020 Part 8: The Final Pathetic Excuse to Squeeze the Last out of this Series

GETTING MORE TALE #871:  The Final Pathetic Excuse to Squeeze the Last out of the “Best of 2020” Series
or, Best of 2020 Part 8

I end this Christmas holiday the best way I can:  spinning Masters of Metal Vol. 2, the very album that started me on this metal journey 36 years ago.  It’s an interesting contrast.  The old cliché, “It was a day much like this one…” doesn’t apply.  It was nothing like this Christmas.  The Christmas of 1984 and my resultant entire life happened because my best friend Bob Schipper came over on Boxing Day to play Snoopy and the Red Baron on the Atari 2600 while listening to Masters of Metal.  If not for that one special social interaction, would I ever have Felt the Noize?  Would I have Run to the Hills while warning of Another Thing Coming?  The kids of 2020 didn’t have the chance for that life changing experience this year.

So in solidarity with my friends and in the spirit of that holiday in 1984, my fellow creators and writers, I give you an R.

This has not been an easy season, but here we are — (here we “R!”) — we made it.  It’s 2021 and our creativity has fuelled us to survive 2020.  I would like to thank every person who has shared the screen with me in 2020 on Season One of the LeBrain Train web show:  Greg, Pat and Brian from Storm Force.  Steph Honde, Brent Jensen, Frank Loffredo, Jennifer, Deke, John, Aaron, Robert, Sarah, Kevin, Harrison, Eric, Geoff, Troy, Max, Mike Kovachik, Aaron Lebold, Mom, Dr. Kathryn, Tyler, Saige and Michael Morwood.  You have been a part of something positive in a year that needed you!

I don’t dare speak of goals or hopes or plans for 2021.  Survival is enough.  In order to continue surviving, I want to keep doing what I do.  In 2020, despite all the crap that we endured, I still managed to do 44 episodes of the LeBrain Train, plus a bonus 45th episode in memory of my Uncle Don Don via his CD collection.  I even finally reviewed every single Judas Priest album, completing a goal from 2012.

Some last minute interesting stats for 2020:  The Top Search Terms of 2020.  Some are oddly specific!

  1. kiss box set 2001 – 43 hits
  2. deep purple sonic zoom series – 37 hits
  3. clairvoyant cover with donington crowd – 27 hits
  4. deep purple made in japan super deluxe – 26 hits
  5. amazon – 20 hits
  6. cd black sabbath live evil digipack – 19 hits
  7. white lion mane attraction – 18 hits
  8. black sabbath born again review – 15 hits
  9. pearl jam 1992 box – 15 hits
  10. deep purple whoosh box set – 15 hits
  11. dokken up from – 14 hits

Well, that’s it for Masters of Metal Vol. 2, both sides done.  My vinyl today sounds better than the old cassette tape in 1984, but I like creating a setting when I write.  Vinyl back in its sleeve, that’s my cue to peace out!  Back to our regular, everyday schedule tomorrow.  If there is one last thing to share with you that I’ve learned, it’s that writing about music online is an interactive experience.  Since contact in our lives is precious, I’ve really enjoyed the collaborations that happened in 2020.  Adversity inspires creativity and you all rose to the occasion.  There was some good creative chemistry in 2020, a precious thing to find, and I hope for more in the future!



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  1. 2020 wasn’t so bad with your LeBrain Train. Thanks for that and for having me as a guest. Can’t wait to come back and do some more. And I like the fact you have completed your Judas Priest quest, and I am starting mine. 2021 will be a great year.


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