Best of 2020 Part 2: Sunday Screening – Top Live Streams

Strictly going by YouTube views alone (not including the two Facebook channels), here are the Nigel Tufnel Top Ten live streams in 2020 by views.  Pick one to watch and enjoy!

11. December 18 – The Best Bands You Don’t Know – 83 views

10. June 11 – Live Albums – 85 views

9. October 24 – Steph Honde – 89 views

8. (TIE) December 4 – T-Bone – 100 views

7. (TIE) November 27 – One Hit Wonders – 100 views

6. (TIE) November 20 – Brent Jensen – 100 views

5. September 4 – Storm Force – 102 views

4. October 9 – A Tribute to Eddie Van Halen – 106 views

3. October 16 – New Release Friday – 110 views

2. December 11 – Iron Maiden Deep Cuts – 128 views

1. November 6 – Frank Loffredo – 167 views

You want my personal recommendation instead of just going by the numbers?  No problem.  I have some special favourites that I’d love for you to watch.  Any time we had a special guest interview was cool, so watch:  Steph Honde, Storm Force, Frank Loffredo and Brent Jensen.  Beyond that….

My Nigel Tufnel Top Ten personal favourite (non-interview) live streams in chronological order:


Thanks for watching in 2020 and making all this possible!


  1. Weird, but this post did not show up in my WordPress reader yesterday.

    LeBrain Train has definitely been one of the highlights this past year! I look forward to participating every week! Even just being in the chat and talking music is good times.

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    1. Strange thanks for the heads-up. Not sure why that happened but it happened once before with the Steph Honde live stream.

      And thanks for the kind words…you were responsible for getting me off Facebook and onto Streamyard… that changed the whole game.

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  2. I’m not surprised the new releases Friday livestream got a lot of views. I watched that one at least four times since it was posted haha! Steph Honde was a great guest because he spoke the truth about the struggle musicians are facing during this time and the streaming sites. I also admired his CD collection.

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    1. Looking forward to having you back in 2021! I know the Meat Man has a challenge for you which is why he was asking some questions about how can you weigh the values on a graph. I don’t know exactly what he has planned, but count on a message when the idea is ripe! All I know is that he will be pushing the Nigel Tufnel Top Ten further into the stratosphere….

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