#1052: The Covid Chronicles Continue

RECORD STORE TALES #1052: The Covid Chronicles Continue

I’ve stopped testing.  Jen is still suffering pretty hard.

I worked from home for most of this week, which both sucked, and didn’t.  Because I didn’t have to do the usual stuff – shower, pack a lunch, drive, wait – I had a lot more free time at home and got some extra creative projects done in the mornings which I like to do.

I also explored un-ripped parts of my music collection, as seen below.  The “G” section was easy to access, and so I grabbed a stack of discs that I had not played in over 10 years.  Much much longer in some cases:

  • Peter Gabriel – Shaking the Tree – Sixteen Golden Greats
  • Marvin Gaye – The Very Best Of
  • Girl – Pure Greed
  • Giuffria – Silk & Steel
  • Roger Glover – Butterfly Ball
  • Glenn Gould – Goldberg Variations – 1955 version
  • Glenn Gould – Goldberg Variations – 1981 version
  • Glenn Gould – Beethoven/Liszt Symphony #6
  • Green Bullfrog Sessions

Rediscovering Glenn Gould was a delight; I especially like when you can hear him humming or singing along to his playing.  Green Bullfrog was funky and cool!  Blackmore really wailed and I could absolutely hear that it was Ian Paice on drums.  Butterfly Ball was surprising fun.  Giuffria was way, way, way more Journey-like than I remembered.  Sounds like they were really going for a Journey vibe, especially with David Glenn Eisley’s vocals.  Peter Gabriel and Marvin Gaye were fun re-visits with a lot of great songs.  But the real surprise was Girl, featuring Phil Lewis and Phil Collen.  I loved hearing Collen’s trademark shred, but Lewis is an underrated singer.  Girl was the favourite of this batch.  Sorry Beethoven.

Back to Covid.  Jen is suffering, not gonna lie.  I have zero symptoms, but this morning I did cough up some phlegm.  Kinda like you often do several days after a bad cold.  Except I never had the bad cold.

Jen’s experienced dizzy spells and general, all around malaise.  She wishes her nose would stop running.

I experienced a troll on the “Let’s Get Physical” Facebook group who commented that Covid wasn’t real, when I posted my Covid listening list.  I told him to “eat shit” and blocked him.

Just another day in Covid land.




    1. I don’t get it Michael. Why could he have not said “Wow interesting listening choices” or anything else?

      I will tell you Michael, I feel there is a Covid stigma. One guy on Facebook blocked me because he was upset that I went into work on Wednesday. I followed all the work guidelines and permission of my bosses. I got blocked by someone who was offended by this.

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      1. It appears that the whole Covid thing has brought all the weirdos out of the woodwork. If you followed all the proper guidelines, then there’s nothing to worry about.


  1. Sorry to hear Jen’s suffering – hopefully the Leafs shutout win last night will help lift her spirits.

    Just checked out the Peter Gabriel compilation tracklist, those are indeed 16 golden greats!


  2. I have Butterfly Ball, Green Bullgrog and Giuffria originals on vinyl.
    I need to spend more time with those.
    The Girl-Sheer Greed is one I need.

    I hope Jen feels better and that the mouth breather gets what’s coming to him.
    If he’s Canadian he probably has a huge flag on the back of his pickup truck.


  3. Man, I just bought the Girl ‘Sheer Greed’ on vinyl this weekend and was about to que it up on the turntable. Now, I really can’t wait to hear it after those comments.


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