Welcome to the Writer’s Room!

In the Writer’s Room…

“Gentlemen!” I announced to my friends gathered in the room.  “It’s good to have us all back together.  This is our first meeting together since Christmas, am I right?”

To my left, my bald and beautiful friend Aaron answered.  “It sure was, sorry I have not been involved with the Community as much since then, it’s a busy time.”

I smiled and patted his shoulder.  “It is a busy time, yet you just provided ‘Chapter 14:  Tee Bone Man and Superdekes Discover the Tao‘ for us, and people have absolutely loved it.  It was daring, technical, fun, and still managed to fall into continuity!”

Aaron bowed his head.  “Thank you but flattery will get you nowhere!”

To my right sat Harrison the Australian, silky-haired, and with a note pad in front of him.  To his right was John T. Snow, sipping from a Gene Simmons Soda cola bottle quietly.  Opposite him, and to Aaron’s left was the 80’s Metal Man, sitting quietly and peering over his glasses at the rest of us.  At the end of the conference table was a pair of monitors with webcams enabled.  Their users had yet to log in from remote locations.

“Well gentlemen, let’s get started while we wait for our last two guests.  To say the least, Harrison and I have been busy.  We have our next chapter of the Adventures of Tee Bone Man ready to go with art complete.  We’re calling it ‘Max the Axe’ for now, but it does have a proper title that will be revealed in due time.  Harrison wrote this piece, which introduces the new character of Max the Axe himself; he’s kind of a big deal.”

The guys all smiled and nodded at this news.  “And then,” I continued, “Harrison has written what we are considering the climax to Tee Bone Man:  Phase One.  It’s so big that he had to split it into three instalments.  Three stories, three posts, over three days.  It’s a big ‘Epic’ that will serve as the grand finale to Phase One.”

80’s Metal Man raised his hand.  “I apologize, but for the benefit of the table, can you explain Phase One and what this means for us?”

“Gladly!” I answered.  I reached for a big marker board and began a diagram.  “You know how Marvel movies had Phase One:  The Infinity Saga?  And now we’re into Phase Two: The Multiverse Saga?”  I paused; everyone nodded yes.  “Multiverse is all the rage these days.  Star Trek is doing it, DC is doing it.  So are we.  The first 17 stories in The Adventures of Tee Bone Man comprise Phase One.  It’s a specific Saga, and it will all make sense to you when we wrap it up.  Harrison’s ‘Epic’ is our Endgame.  After that, Phase Two!  We’re starting to bring in characters from other alternate universe.  I’ll give you one spoiler:  the first multiversal character we introduce is a favourite Star Wars villain.”  There was a gasp of whispers around the table.  “A villain, but not our main overarching villain.  In fact, I’ve even already named this character in one of the stories.  If you missed it, you missed it!”

Snowman raised his hand.  “What if we’re not quite as big into Star Wars as you and Harrison?” he asked with fairness.

“No worries Snowman.  You guys are all going to continue on doing what you do.  Harrison and I have an eye on the overall story arc.  We know who the ‘Big Bad’ villain in the end will be, who has been driving all this action all this time.  We know what this villain wants.  All you guys have to do is keep writing your stories and we’ll do the rest.  In fact now you can do even more.  If you want your character the ‘Snowman’ to meet his evil opposite – the ‘Sandman’ perhaps – you can have them meet now.  You can do anything.  You can have Gene Simmons team up with Charles Luther from the film Runaway, if you want to.  The store is now open, gentlemen!”

This seemed to create a flurry of activity.  Harrison was scribbling notes as the others all seemed fired up by this news.  I then addressed Metal Man directly.

“Now, Metal Man, I know you have a story ready about the plot thread involving the secret mole in Rock and Roll Heaven.  Your story will fit perfectly into our Phase Two, which will tend to be broader in style and structure.  There will be tangents.  One of our new writers has written an entire story that takes place in an alternate universe, and…”

At that moment one of the two monitors came to life.  A dark, blurry image appeared.

“Hi!  Who’s this!” I addressed the screen.

There was a buzz of static and a distorted voice.

“This is Holen,” responded the blurred figure.

“Holen!  Welcome to the show my friend.  You know Harrison, this is Aaron, John and Michael the 80’s Metal Man.”

“Hello, Richard Dreyfuss, I always wanted to meet you, you were great in Jaws,” said Holen to John T. Snow.  Snowman laughed.  Not the first Dreyfuss joke at this table, and so he even wrote Dreyfuss into Tee Bone Man as a character.

“I was just about to talk about your chapter, Holen.  Why don’t you take it from here?”

Holen’s distorted voice came through the speakers.  “Yes, I’ve written the first chapter of an ongoing ‘Noir’ universe.  We call it ‘Noirison’.  It’s different versions of our characters, unconnected to the main Tee Bone Man universe, but still a different, dark reflection of it.”

I looked at the guys.  “You see?  This is the kind of thing we can do with the Multiverse.  Maybe Aaron can bring in a hockey story from a universe where the Montreal Habs win the cup.”  Only Aaron and I laughed at this joke.  The Habs, of course, are Tee Bone Man’s hockey team.

There was a beep, and the second monitor came to life.

“Hey guys!  Sorry I’m late.  Kids, softball, you know the whole routine!”

I beamed as the final guest had finally arrived.  “Guys, please meet the California Girl!  She’s been helping me write the Edie Van Heelin’ stories and I think it’s time I brought her into these meetings.  Everyone say hello.”

The guys made their introductions, all but Harrison, who continued scribbling furious notes.  She waved back with a wide smile.

“You’re just in time, CG.  I was just getting to our new stuff,” I said to her screen.

“Well take it away then, let’s hear it!” she responded with enthusiasm.

“So, as you guys have probably guessed, I’m been setting up a big crossover between the Adventures of Tee Bone Man and Edie Van Heelin’.  CG here has been co-writing the Edie stories with me…”

CG interrupted.  “Well, you do all the hard work.”

I adopted a mocking tone.  “Oh yeah, my bruised and battered fingers are so sore from all the hard typing.”  Harrison laughed as he scribbled.  “Anyway, we have a few more Edie stories coming, before the big crossover, but I can confirm it’s happening.  After discussion with Harrison, we felt that the big crossover should serve as the coda of Phase One.  I am happy to announce that I have written the story, and it ties up a lot of the big threads that we have been secretly weaving without your knowledge.  It also starts laying tracks for Phase Two.  I think you are all going to love it.  I just need CG to provide her story notes and additions, and Harrison to do the art.”

“That’s right,” added CG.  “We need to make sure Edie is wearing all the right clothes and drinking the right tea.  The fine details,” she winked.

“Important details!” I corrected.  “I always value your input.  We created Edie Van Heelin’ together, she’s gotta fit both our visions.”

I noticed Harrison had barely mumbled a word this whole time.

“How you doing over there Harrison, nothing to say today?  You see CG is here?”  CG waved from her screen.

Harrison finally looked up.  “Oh, yes, hello California Girl.  I’m so sorry, I do apologize, I’ve just been working on some numbers here.”  Harrison then addressed the table.

“Guys, I’ve been working up the Lego budgets to do the artwork in Phase Two.  While I do have a number of sets covered, no spoilers, it’s the figures that are hard to acquire.  And, no offence, Edie Van Heelin’s constant costume changes are a large sum of this budget.”

I rubbed the side of my head.  “I knew this would be a problem.  Think we can have her do the battle in her silver skirt?  I can tone down the costume changes otherwise.”

“As long as you can still make a Lady Vader figure for Edie to fight down the line,” added CG.

“Yes, of course, no problem, but with us introducing new characters, the Lego budget is still very worrisome,” finished Harrison.

“Well, I do have some good news for you there,” I told him.  “I just sent you a bunch of bags of Lego as a donation to the Lego art fund.  Lots of minifigs in there, including a couple that will come in handy next December when we do our second Christmas episode…”

CG began clapping at this news.  The others soon joined in, and suddenly it was a round of applause for Harrison and his awesome Lego art.

“Yeah let’s hear it for this guy and his awesome art!” I said.  Harrison blushed and quietly said “thank you.”

After the applause died down, John Snow served us all a round of Simmons soda, while CG drank her green tea, and Holen consumed a blurry bottle of something blurry.  I addressed the room.

“So there you go, folks!  Phase One is wrapping up in months.  Three chapters to go:  ‘Max the Axe’, the ‘Epic’, and ‘Tee Bone Man vs Edie Van Heelin’.  When we reveal what the actual title of Phase One is, you will understand the plot threads being wrapped up.  You’re gonna love it!  Then, it’s wide open in Phase Two: The Multiverse Saga!”

“Good meeting, guys!” said Aaron.  “I gotta go get the kids from school!”

“And I have to take mine to their next sporting event!” said CG.  “Wanna see my shoes first?”  She then showed off a cool purple and black pair of Nike’s.  “These took me 12.5 miles on Monday!”  We all congratulated her and she signed off.

“I have to run too,” said Holen.  “Not 12.5 miles though.  Looking forward to what you all think of Noirison.”

Michael the 80s Metal Man stood.  “And I look forward to your feedback regarding my story of the mole in Rock and Roll Heaven.”

“Patience, young Jedi!” I bowed and responded.  Michael then disappeared through a portal.

Snowman grabbed the remaining Simmons soda and also excused himself.  Something about a big record sale somewhere he had to check out.  Just Harrison and I were left in the Writer’s Room.

“Exciting times, eh?” I asked him.

“Very,” he responded.

I sat there and just stared at him, as he calmly stroked his moustache.

“You don’t get very excited, do you?” I questioned.

“This is the most excited I’ve been in days,” answered Harrison.

I shrugged.  “True that.  Wait until the Lego donations arrive, and do the budget later.  You have lots of ideas?”

This time, Harrison truly did look excited.

“Oh yes,” he said.  “The best is yet to come!”


The end


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Chapter Eleven:  A Tee Bone Man Christmas (by all five of us)

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Chapter Thirteen:  Clip Show (by LeBrain)

Chapter Fourteen:  Tee Bone Man and Superdekes Discover the Tao (An Intermission) (By Aaron KMA)

Chapter Fifteen:  “Max The Axe” (by Harrison Kopp) Coming soon

Chapter Sixteen:  “The Epic” parts 1, 2 and 3 (by Harrison Kopp) Coming this spring

Chapter Seventeen:  Tee Bone Man vs. Edie Van Heelin’ (by LeBrain & California Girl) Coming this summer – conclusion to Phase One


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  1. Hey, that’s a spoiler for the Max chapter at the top there! :)

    It’s actually not the monetary coat of the Lego that causes me issues but rather the time taken to do artwork. I do have to balance it with soccer, relaxing, errands, with and other stuff and, unfortunately, with Winter coming the amount of hours with usable light will decrease. Oh well, I’ll make it work somehow. When have I ever let you down? (Don’t say Cato Nemoidia).

    Blurry bottle of something blurry was a good one.

    Man I love these Writers Room chapters. They’re so much fun, and you’ve nailed my characterisation perfectly.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. “Blurry bottle of something blurry.”

      My proclivity for booze makes its debut appearance in the T-Bone-verse the same time I do. How appropriate.

      Liked by 3 people

  2. I was a long distance track runner in school, so don’t underestimate my ability to run long distances. Of course I’m not in that kind of shape anymore. Glad to finally be part of the writer’s room!

    I’ve been extremely busy lately. Hopefully I’ll be able to write chapter two of Noirison soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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