#1053: I Have Beaten Covid

RECORD STORE TALES #1053: I Have Beaten Covid

Well, my battle is over.  Jen’s still positive.

I stated in previous chapters, my battle was nothing.  I never got sick beyond a sore throat, and feeling really, really tired.  I do still have a recurring headache.  For those curious, this is my vaccination history:

  1. Pfizer
  2. Moderna
  3. Pfizer

Jen had the exact same combo as me, but she suffered a lot harder.  She’s on the upswing now, but her symptoms included sore throat, mild cough, lots of body pain, congestion and fatigue.  I believe I brought it into the house from work.

I wanted to write this Covid journal to keep people informed, let them know what Covid is like.  Fortunately this journal was a bit of a bust!  No complaints from me.



  1. Glad to hear you’re over it! As I’ve said, my first time wasn’t that bad at all. I had a sucky fever for a day and a weird taste for about a week. Other than that, day two onward was smooth sailing. Second time kinda sucked, but I never thought I’d have to go to the hospital or anything. I was mostly fine after a few days. I wonder why the second time was worse?

    And I think you’ve probably guessed I never got vaccinated. I thought about doing it in the summer of 2021 just to shut my family members up who kept asking me to, but then Biden announced that anyone who wasn’t vaxxed would be forcibly fired from their jobs by the government, and at that point, I decided I was never going to get it, because fuck that bullshit. Thankfully our Supreme Court shut that lunacy down, but then they upheld the vax mandate for healthcare workers. So close!

    I’m not anti-vax or anything. I just decided it wasn’t worth it for me. And then when the government tried several ways to coerce me by force into doing it, it just made me push back more. Dictionaries also changed the definition of “vaccine” to be more open-ended as well, because the COVID vaccines failed to meet the old definition. I figured if you’re changing the meaning of words to suit your agenda, you’re not on the right side of history, and don’t have people’s best interests at heart. Not to mention all the “brought to you by Pfizer” media shilling the vaccines non-stop, while ignoring other less profitable ways to lessen the impact of COVID like Vitamin D, or demonizing Ivermectin by framing it as veterinary medicine, when it won a Noble Prize for its use in humans. Not saying that Ivermectin does anything to help COVID, but their overzealous eagerness to dismiss it was suspect.

    Anyway, that’s my COVID journal. Glad to hear Jen is on the mend too!


      1. Yeah, that comment looks more ridiculous now than it did last night. Remind me never to post before bed.

        Not that I disagree with anything I said, just that I spent that much time saying it. It started off me just wanting to compare our COVID experiences, then I just started rambling.

        If it makes you feel better, when I remembered I’d posted that today, I audibly went, “Oh, fuck!” and slapped my forehead.

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        1. Well it’s all good! All I will say about this is that I am glad it’s not 2020, 2021, or even 2022 anymore.

          I don’t want to get Covid twice but I have a feeling that is going to be largely out of my control.


        2. I have a hard time even distinguishing things that happened in 2021 vs 2022! Everything’s been pretty bland since then.

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        3. Last year was like that for me. I couldn’t keep my memories straight of what happened what year. I hope 2023 is different in that way. I think it will be. It’s already been way harder.

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        4. Spring is here – that’s a start.

          I went into this winter with a good plan. It worked for 2-3 months. Then everything went off the rails. My mom had cancer, grandma waiting to die, bad medication reactions for Jen, it has been more than I could handle. All that planning to get through this winter, only got me so far.

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        5. That’s a bad deal. I’m glad you said “had” as in past tense about your mom’s cancer though. She’s better now?

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