WTF Comments: I’m Not Steve Vai

Received this comment on my review for Steve Vai’s Sex & Religion CD:


Nicolas:  hey steve this your friend oliver …your life is at paper vision at santa cruz california its you home thanks big brother…..


If you’re reading this, Steve, then be aware that…Oliver…or Nicolas…is asking…something…


      1. I like weird. Something about Vai’s songs just don’t interest me that much. He seems like a great guy though, and is definitely a virtuoso.

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      2. A good example, I love Tom Waits, and he’s weird as fuck. Waits is also Steve Vai’s favorite artist. Sorry to triple post, but I keep thinking of things to say!

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        1. I read an interview where he said he doesn’t go anywhere without his Tom Waits collection.

          Here’s him with Henry Rollins talking about how much he loves Tom Waits. Steve Vai has repeatedly said Tom Waits is his favorite artist.

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