50 Years of Heavy Metal Music, disc by disc, with Mike, Harrison and John T. Snow

We went a bit overtime this week, but for good reason.  It takes that long to have a serious discussion about Judas Priest‘s box set 50 Heavy Metal Years of MusicHarrison and I both dissected our copies while John T. Snow went through his Complete Albums Collection set, which was anything but!  We also took a look at the Rob Halford action figure by Super 7, and gave our favourite tracks from each studio album.  When we got to the bonus live albums at the end, the Australian Wunderkind told us what’s what.

We also discussed all the flaws with the box set, and what has been done to remedy some of them.

As far as “Ask Harrison” goes, California Girl wanted to know about Fleetwood Mac, and gave Christine McVie’s “Songbird” some praise.  Meanwhile Tee Bone had something he’s always been meaning to ask Harrison about Australia!

Thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you next Friday night!  


Friday Night and the Priest is Back! Grab a Stack of Box Sets with Mike, the Mad Metal Man, and 2loud2oldmusic!

GRAB A STACK OF ROCK…with Mike and the Mad Metal Man
Episode 6: Special guest John T. Snow 

Harrison the Mad Metal Man recently acquired Judas Priest‘s box set 50 Heavy Metal Years of Music.  It so happens that Mike also owns 50 Heavy Metal Years of Music.  Since John Snow has his own Judas Priest box set, we thought we’d show off our Priest tonight.  For the first time ever, Harrison and I will break down the full box set item by item.  Additionally we will give you our favourite and least favourite song from each album.  I will also run through every flaw with the discs (and there are a few).

Joining us tonight for “Ask Harrison” will be California Girl and Tee Bone, with some fresh queries for the Australian Madman.  Since he won’t tell us what shampoo he uses to get his hair silky smooth, California Girl is trying a different topic.  Meanwhile Tee Bone has something for Harrison that he always wanted to know!

Tune in tonight LIVE for all the fun.

Friday December 9 at 7:00 P.M. E.S.T. Enjoy on YouTube or on Facebook.